Heavyweight or bust: Dan Henderson won't take Fedor fight at catchweight (Video)

No, sir, "Hendo" isn't willing to fight at a catchweight because he "doesn't do those at all." Couple that with the fact that he can't see Fedor making the drop to 205-pounds and that leaves a heavyweight attraction. Anyone complaining?

"I'm doing all right, how you doing?

"Feijao, when I fought Feijao, no (nothing surprised me). I knew that he hits hard, I know that he throws them wide and he hit me with a nice wide, hard punch and it knocked me a little bit silly. I don't know, I felt, I guess I felt like he was going to be a little stronger. I felt like I powered right through most everything he had. So, you know, I don't know, I didn't notice him being strong at all. But yeah, I think a lot of that is the styles that we have from my position.

"I don't think he had me hurt too bad, he dazed me for sure and knocked me down but with me being able to get the takedown right away, it cleared my head. It's back to zero right then and I was just fine at that point. (I was) still going to push the pace and make sure I won each round. I knew a had a little ground to make up being knocked down like that but I felt like I landed some good shots and hit him pretty hard a few times and controlled him on the ground as well.

"It does mean a lot (to be champion) but to fight someone like Feijao, as big and strong and hard-hitting as he is and what he's been doing in his last few fights to people, to beat him the way I did, it felt great.

"(Zuffa buying Strikeforce) definitely caught me off guard, I think it caught a lot of people off guard. It happened fairly quickly and was kept fairly quiet. A lot of people inside Strikeforce did not know it was happening. I don't know what's going to happen. I think it could be a good thing for me personally, and obviously with the marketing the UFC has it's gonna really pick Strikeforce up to another level as well. But for the younger up and coming guys that are trying to get paid more money, I don't know how good that is for them so we'll see what happens.

"I've never had any, I don't burn bridges and I've never had any bad things to say about (Zuffa). With Dana, I've always (had) a fairly good relationship with Dana, joking around, but haven't talked to him much, obviously, since we were in opposite companies. Just was busy with my stuff and he was busy. It was back to calling him fat again, giving him the fat jokes. But the fights, I don't think, they haven't been nearly as exciting as Strikeforce fights and I don't know why. For some reason, everybody goes out there to really protect their own in Strikforce and not letting anybody take anything from them rather than trying to play it safe in the UFC. Yeah, I don't know what's causing that.

"Mike Kyle is a good guy and he's tough. I think that the Mousasi we saw the other night, Mike Kyle probably would have knocked out or would have beat. He just didn't look real sharp at all. Not taking anything away from Jardine, Jardine's a tough dude, he took a lot of punches and hit Mousasi a few times too but really what made it close was him getting some takedowns.

"I have no idea (how all the talk got started about a fight between me and Fedor). I think when I first signed with Strikeforce the media, at the time the lack of big names in Strikeforce, obviously Fedor and myself are the biggest names there, and the media asked about if I'd want to fight him then and you know, I'm okay to fight anybody. A legend like Fedor, it would be an honor to fight him. That's what I said then and that's what I would say now. I think with him getting out-sized and beat by Giant Silva a lot of people were talking about maybe having him move down to 205 but I don't think he would ever do that either and I guess the next best option would be someone like myself that's been in the sport a long time like him and have a big super-match.

"Yeah, it's a huge fight for anybody. For someone like me, like I said, it'd be an honor to fight him. And to go out there and really test myself against someone that's done what he's done in this sport, that's going to be fun for me and a big challenge and you know me, I love those challenges.

"I don't think it's a body type that's the problem. He's a lot quicker with his hands, he doesn't kick much so I don't have to worry about that. Feijao kicked like a mule. But I think it's his hips. In the clinch and in tight, he's going to have some good hips, he's got good balance, he's going to be harder to get on the ground and he's more dangerous on his feet. He's knocked a lot of guys out and so it's going to be interesting and he's got some really good submissions, as well.

"I don't know (when the fight's going to happen). Not as soon as I'd like. I'd probably put it on sooner but that's up to Scott Coker and the rest of the Strikeforce/Zuffa people to determine and like I said, it would be an honor to fight him. And if I did fight him, it would be no catchweight. I don't do those at all. If I'm going to fight him at his weight, I'm going to fight him at his weight.

"Yeah, if for some reason this fight does happen, I wouldn't take the fight if it was at a catchweight.

"I think (fights between UFC and Strikeforce fighters is) a great idea and that's something that I'm sure that the UFC's thought about when they purchased Strikeforce but I really think to really capitalize on that and to really build a lot of interest, they need to build Strikeforce up first and build some of the guys in there and you know, get some marketing behind Strikeforce and really make those fights huge.

"Great fights (on April 9 in San Diego). There were some great fights. All those guys go out there to fight. Nobody goes out there to just get a little win but they go out there to, they put it on the line, they fight and they're not afraid to get hit. They go out there and try to finish fights and that's what happened."

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