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Ultimate Fighter 13: Episode three recap and discussion for 'Lesnar vs Dos Santos'

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Episode three of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13: "Team Lesnar vs. Team Dos Santos" gets underway with Brock and his boys celebrating their first win of the season.

Team Lesnar kicks things off in the gym and most of the guys are wondering why they have to be labeled "chicken shit" by their coach - - especially after a win. Brock rallies the troops to try and explain what he means and does a pretty awful job of making them feel better but I guess it's the thought that counts.

Justin Edwards joins the show to replace Keon Caldwell and Team Dos Santos is worried about an incoming "knucklehead" changing the dynamic of the group but so far Edwards looks to be a good fit.

Meanwhile, assistant coach Lew Polley is clomping around the gym, still brooding about last week's loss to Chris Cope. He's also frustrated that Junior and coach Billy are treating the team like kids and not gladiators going into battle.

Has "Cigano" gone soft?!?

Polley starts pushing the guys hard during practice, shouting at them and calling them names. He keeps pushing until whoops! Shamar Bailey gets cut from all the intensity. Of course that just further infuriates Lew who orders him to tape it up and get back to work.

Junior calls a pow-wow after the fact and tells the team he takes the Dalton approach to kicking ass: Do it, but remember to be nice!

Time for the fight announcement and with Team Lesnar finally in control, they emulate Team Dos Santos and try to match up the strongest fighter versus the weakest. That means Len Bentley will try to pack the bags of Ryan McGillivray.

Lesnar also wants to get Len some action as he feels his top pick is getting a little restless waiting on the sidelines.

Will the strategy work?

Back at the house, Team Lesnar identifies Chris Cope as this season's Benedict Arnold, which seems to be a strange way of showing thanks for getting his team back in control of the picks.

Bentley runs to Brock to tell him that Cope is watching him train, perhaps a little too closely, and is afraid he might share some pivotal information with the other team. Lesnar tells him not to get "caught up in the bullshit" and to worry about his fight.

Speaking of Team Dos Santos, taskmaster Lew is cracking the whip again and Junior has to pull him aside and remind him it's Cigano's world -- he just lives in it. Polley takes it like a man and admits he got "out of his lane" and it all ends happily after a fist bump.

McGillivray is about ten pounds overweight which means it's time to break out the rubber ducky and a box of Epsom salt. No sweat! (har har) as he gets the weight off and hits his mark.

Brock has to break the bad news to Len Bentley that he has a personal issue to attend to and can't be there for his fight. Not surprisingly, Bentley doesn't seem that broken up about it.

It's fight day and above the locker room doors it says "Never leave it in the hands of the judges." An ominous sign if there ever was one. It's soon forgotten as "Shogun" Rua stops by to wish the contestants good luck.

Elimination bout #3: Team Lesnar's Len Bentley (9-4) vs. Team Dos Santos' Ryan McGillivray (11-4-1)

Round 1: Chandella makes the rounds to the sound of crickets and dry coughing. Bentley opens up aggressive, walking McGillivray (McG) down and throwing crisp strikes. Ryan is game and counter-punches but Bentley walks right through it and floors him with a left to the kisser. Bentley swarms and McG squirms, clearly in survival mode. He tangles him up long enough to recover and works his way into full guard. Bentley resets and lets McG back to his feet but perhaps feeling a bit overconfident waddles in with little-to-no-defense. McG makes him pay with three clean shots to the dome, each one landing harder than the last. Bentley stumbles back and McG lets one go that puts his confused foe right on his keister. Now it's Ryan's turn to swarm and finish and uses Bentley's guard to muscle him to the cage. "Poosh!" screams coach Dos Santos. McG leaves an arm exposed and Bentley cranks it but rolls over into a crucifix. He lunges and turns over and McG greets him with a guillotine, tries for the gator roll and squeezes. Lenny turns bright red but gets saved by the bell. Awesome first round of action. Finally! 10-9 McGillivray on the unofficial Nostradumbass scorecard.

Round 2: Chandella is back and to her credit, has a pretty nice ass. The fighters open with simultaneous jabs to the face. Bentley stalking and tags him hard but McG returns fire. Both guys eat shots again proving that striking defense is truly a lost art. Body kick finds its mark for Bentley then a right. Bentley with a fight-ender from four feet away that gets nothing but air followed by a spinning back fist that is so off-center it hits McG in the shoulder blades. McG tags him and uses the opening to rush in with fists of fury. He backs Bentley into the cage who grabs a hold of the neck. McG muscles out a takedown but Bentley pops right back up. McG eats a few knees and backs off. To the center of the Octagon they go and sloppy strikes are flying. Like round one, Bentley started off hot but McG is stealing it from him. Bentley misses with two spinning back fists and McG lights him up with ten seconds left. Damn that round was close but again I go with McGillivray 10-9 by the narrowest of margins. I'm apparently not alone.

Result: Ryan McGillivray defeats Len Bentley via majority decision 

Back in the locker room McGillivray buries his head in his towel and lets it all go. He's emotional after the big win and based on the expectations going into the fight, I'd say he has every right to be.

Team Dos Santos takes a 2-1 lead.

Stay tuned next week for a look at some digitized cock, Coach Dos Santos tosses one of his students in the air like a newborn baby and two more welterweights go to war.

Hey look, there's Matt Hughes!

See you right here next Wednesday night. Same TUF-time, same TUF-station.

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