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UFC Quick Quote: Jon Jones pulled a 'ho-move' and would get beat by 'King' Mo Lawal


"I think it broadsided [Rashad Evans], because they both make an agreement and all of a sudden someone reneges. I would never fight Daniel (Cormier) definitely, and he would never fight me. But then all of a sudden if he went behind my back and said, 'I'll fight Mo' on T.V., and I don't know - that's a ho-move. And a ho-move deserves an ass whipping. I know none of my training partners that are my brothers would ever pull a ho-move like that. If I say I ain't going to fight my brother, I ain't going to fight my brother. He's a good young fighter. Here's the thing, every time there's a new champion people think he's unbeatable. C'mon man, anybody can get beat at anytime. Hype is just whatever the fans think. I'm not hyping no man. Anybody can get beat on any day. I don't care what the fans think, their not fighters. Everyone says Jon Jones smashed a high level striker. Shogun is just a sloppy brawler, not sloppy, but an aggressive brawler. People said nobody would beat Brock Lesnar, Fedor, B.J. Penn, Machida, look what happened. Every man can be beaten. Without a doubt I can beat Jon Jones. I know I can beat Jon Jones. He's a good fighter, but all it takes is a good game plan, a good camp and I know I would win. My brother Rashad got the tools to beat him too. Rashad's going to beat him."

The "King" has spoken. Former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Muhammed Lawal tells the MMA Fight Corner (via Five Knuckles) that UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones deserves an "ass-whipping" for the "ho-move" he pulled on Rashad Evans, specifically telling media members he would fight his former Jackson's training partner before ever telling "Suga" they were "brothers" and would "never fight." Is "Bones" going to pay for his back-stabbery? And is Lawal the fighter to do it? Or has the "King" taken one too many shots to the crown? Opinions please.

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