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Keith Jardine vs Gegard Mousasi fight metric report shows dominant win for 'The Dreamcatcher'

The fine folks at Fight Metric have posted their report for the controversial majority draw between Keith Jardine and Gegard Mousasi from last night (April 9, 2011) at Strikeforce: "Diaz vs. Daley" in San Diego. The numbers show a dominant and convincing win for "The Dreamcatcher," even when taking into account the point deduction from round one. Grappling and performance ratings after the jump (click here for the full report over at Fight Metric):



Hard to argue with the cold, hard and unbiased numbers, right? Or do you agree that the fight was a draw and the judges got this one right?

For complete "Diaz vs. Daley" results and recap of all the night's action click here and here.

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