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Shane Carwin is recruiting fighters for 'Teh Ultimateest Fighting Carwinships' or (UFC)


"We are starting a new fight promotion. It is called "Teh Ultimateest Fighting Carwinships" or (UFC). We are going to change the sport. Fighters will come first (after me), we have insurance (Geico), and I have the bald head to pull this off. Please hit me up with an email if you would like to be selected. We just bought 3 Flip cameras so we will be Streaming our fights on YouTube ... If you do not use the word Bro do not even apply, we wont take you. Henna tattoos are okay but you have to get inked at some point! We need a few cocky brits that can't/wont Wrestle. Ideally you will talk tons of trash but sound real cool doing it. Any references to 80's punk music or the Clash would be great. When I mean the Clash I am not talking Big Audio Dynamite or even the later 80's pop version of what used to be a cool ska punk band. Not sure if we will allow any race wars on the squaragon. I will have my legal (when they are hired) contact you. But a guy tribal tramp stamp says elite mma fighter like nothing else."

Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to The Underground and apply today!

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