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UFC Quick Quote: Rashad Evans 'stung by the backstabbing situation Greg Jackson created'


"I did my best to help [Jones in training] and I really felt that our friendship was on another level...but that wasn't the case. When the first opportunity came and he said that he would fight me if Dana said so, that to me stung more than anything. He said that he didn't want to lose his job and look man, the UFC isn't going to fire anyone because they are turning down fights. If anything it would mess up future opportunities for them and they weren't going to come to him and say, 'if you don't fight Rashad you are kicked out of the UFC.' That wasn't going to happen. I was always considerate and respectful to our system [at Greg Jackson's] because if I had the belt then I would want you to do the same for me. Then he comes across on national TV and says that he will fight Rashad if Dana White tells me to and I felt so f**cking utterly disrespected. I mean it's one thing to say something in an interview but the least you could have picked up the phone and been like, 'man I did an interview today and they kind of put me on the spot with a rough question and I answered it this way.' At least give me the heads up so that way I know and not look at it if he's Judas or something. You know who Judas is? That interview was some backstabbing s**t but now it's like whatever because now I know the game he is playing. Then for Greg to sit back and say he doesn't want to have anything to do with it....why not? You f**kn created the situation. Be his coach and be in his corner. That's what you want so do it. I don't care if coaches against me. It doesn't even matter ... Sure Greg Jackson is a great coach and he has been one of my great friends but let me tell you something...there is no end all be all in this game of mixed martial arts. It's a big of mixed nuts. People are touting Jon around like he's Neo from the Matrix. That's all good and dandy but be there for the kid when the kid falls. Be there to pick him back up rather than turn their back on him like they did to Machida. Lyoto loses and all of a sudden he sucks. No he doesn't f**kn suck it's just the way the game goes. Nobody is supreme in this game and that is what makes mixed martial arts what it is today. Nobody is the absolute best. Anybody can get beat by anybody on any given day."

Greg Jackson seems to have a history of running Ultimate Fighter (TUF) champions out of town for the new kids on the block. Back in 2008 Diego Sanchez told us at they "took a little something out of his heart" when Jackson brought Georges St. Pierre to Albuquerque in the midst of Diego's pursuit of the welterweight title. Now, history may be repeating itself as TUF 2 champ Rashad Evans tells Duane Finley of he's been forced to abandon his home in New Mexico to pursue his dream of once again holding the light heavyweight strap. That's because Jon Jones, who joined Jackson's team under the guise of brotherhood, didn't hesitate to inform the press he was willing to fight Evans if the situation presented itself. Is Greg Jackson manipulating his students to get the most from his brand? Or do fighters inevitably run the risk of facing teammates as the sport continues to grow by leaps and bounds? And can anyone ever see this happening at American Kickboxing Academy (AKA)? Opinions, please.

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