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How much did the UFC pay for Strikeforce?


About $40 million, according to Loretta Hunt of the LA Times

That number includes debt repayment. It is important to note that this is simply a report and can not be taken as fact, as the UFC will likely never reveal the actual number. 

If true, even if it's within range, it would appear Zuffa got themselves one hell of a bargain. 

And in case you're wondering, when the UFC purchased PRIDE back in 2007, they reportedly did so for somewhere in the ballpark of $70 million, although an exact number was never made public. 

Hunt also brings word that Zuffa allegedly made multiple offers as early as December 2010, and they were competing against two other potential buyers. 

In the end though, the UFC won out, as they always seem to do. 

Anyone surprised by the number? Or is it right in line with what Strikeforce is worth? 

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