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Georges St. Pierre not in a 'Rush' to fight Anderson Silva at 185 pounds


Props: Cagewriter


"It's a complete re-orientation of my career. People are saying crazy stuff, like 'Oh, you just have to gain 30 pounds and take the fight and fight him in three months.' I can't (gain) 30 pounds in three months. It would take a lot more than that if I want to go up in weight class. Plus, (Anderson) Silva fights at light heavyweight as well. So he walks around at … he's probably 40 pounds heavier than I am (off season). So if I fight this fight, it might be at a catch weight. If it happens. It's something I'm not thinking about right now because it's not my number one priority. I've had a lot of success at 170. If I move to 185, I need to talk to my sponsors, my trainers. It's a complete change of life. Do I want to take the risk, maybe yes. Maybe It's going to be a great challenge. Maybe, no. But I have to talk with my trainers ... I have to fight Jake Shields [and] I think Anderson Silva has to fight Yushin Okami. I'm not afraid of nobody in the world. I'm a martial artist. If it happens [with] the right timing and everything, if it is how I want it, and how he wants it. I fight whoever they want. I can fight everyone in the world. I don't mind."

Fight fans are in a "Rush" to see UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre fight reigning Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, even though the Canadian has yet to satisfy the prerequisite for such a "superfight," namely an April 30 title defense against Jake Shields at UFC 129. St. Pierre needs to undergo "a complete change of life" to take the fight at 185 pounds, which is where the Brazilian insists on staying after cleaning out his division with a knockout win over Vitor Belfort back on Feb. 5. Does a St. Pierre vs Silva superfight require a catchweight for it to happen? And do you agree with GSP that "The Spider" has unfinished business with Yushin Okami?

More from St. Pierre, including audio of his conversation, after the jump.

Thanks to Nick Thomas for the transcription.

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