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UFC Quick Quote: 'At this point we have no reason to expect anything but a negative result for Thiago Silva'


"All we know is that it's still processing. We haven't gotten any positive. We haven't gotten any negative. At this point we have no reason to expect that it's going to be anything but a negative result – negative meaning Thiago's clear."

And a negative drug test result would effectively put an end to "Rampage vs. Evans 2." Light heavyweight smashing machine, Thiago Silva, found himself under the proverbial microscope after his UFC 125 drug test result was held up by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for "additional processing." The Brazilian's urine sample was the only one flagged out of the 15 competitors (including opponent Brandon Vera) tested from the Jan. 1 "Resolution" pay-per-view and generated reports that his UFC 130 bout against Quinton Jackson was in jeopardy. Silva's representatives tell MMA Fighting they fully expect a negative result until the NSAC says otherwise. Anyone willing to give him the benefit of the doubt?

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