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UFC 140: Tito Ortiz has a hard head, but Antonio Rogerio Nogueria still hopeful for knockout (Video)

"I have been training boxing intensely. My hands are fast. Dorea really liked our training session yesterday. He said that I'm able to maintain strong punches throughout the combos. When we train grappling and the arms get tired I'm still able to keep the power and speed. So the probabilities are high for a knockout in this fight. But Tito Ortiz has a hard head. Let's see if I can get a K.O. The intention is to keep the fight standing up, and knock him out."

Breaking news: Tito Ortiz has a big head. Okay, that's not breaking news but Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, his opponent at UFC 140 tomorrow night (Dec. 10, 2011) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, recognizes knocking "The People's Champ" out will be a challenge. After all, of the nine losses Ortiz has suffered throughout his career, only three have come by way of knockout and each one of them was "technical." You know, as opposed to a legitimate naptime knockout. "Minotoro" thinks he can pull it off. Anyone agree with him?

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