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Anderson Silva's shoulder injury was examined by UFC doctors and is legitimate (Video)

"First of all, just to clear this up, and these guys ... Dan Henderson knows it, Chael knows it, and every other fighter that fights in the UFC knows it, you can't fake an injury. It's impossible to do. You can't do it. When you say you are injured, we bring you to our doctors, and they check you out, and we find out if you're injured or not injured. He is injured, he's out until the summer. That's just those guys yapping."

Despite the recent rumblings from Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson, who both suggested that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was only "injured" to avoid rematching either of them in early 2012, promotion president Dana White (via MMA Digest) insists "The Spider" is indeed recuperating from a legitimate shoulder injury. He also confirms that any fighter claiming injury must be examined by ZUFFA doctors, so there is no possible way for them to pull any funny business. Right?

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