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Carlos Condit: Nick Diaz is like the Terminator, but I have more weapons at my disposal

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He'll be He is back.

Carlos Condit has once again been named the UFC welterweight number one contender -- right alongside fellow 170-pounder Nick Diaz, which is why they'll hook 'em up in the main event of UFC 143 on Feb. 4 in Las Vegas for the Interim strap.

That's because reigning champion Georges St. Pierre got a little weak in the knees over this whole division title chase, one that saw a revolving door of contenders since he disposed of Jake Shields earlier this year.

St. Pierre won't be in any "Rush" to get back inside the Octagon, but that's not entirely his fault. The ruptured ACL in his right knee -- coming just a few weeks after spraining the MCL in his left -- will require surgery resulting in a minimum 10-month layoff.

Hasta la vista, Georgie.

Condit, who was yanked from his "Sin City" match-up against Josh Koscheck to give Diaz a date to the big dance, tells USA Today the Stockton slugger is "definitely a better stylistic match-up for him than Georges or Koscheck."

See for yourself:

"Nick is very, very tough. He's got a great skillset. He's tough as nails. The guy's like the Terminator -- no matter what you hit him with, he just keeps coming forward. But stylistically, it's definitely a better stylistic match-up for me than Georges or Koscheck. I think I have more tools when it comes to the striking aspect. I'm a more dynamic kickboxer. He's got great boxing and unorthodox style that works really well for him, but I feel like I have a lot more tools. I think that's really the main difference -- I have more weapons at my disposal. Diaz, for the most part, I would say, 90% of his strikes are punches. I like to mix it up, throw kicks, knees, elbows. I have a more versatile striking game. He's pretty predictable in the sense that he does the same thing: Comes forward, throws lots of punches; he's not afraid to take a punch at all. I like his striking style. He mixes it up. He throws great combinations. He keeps guys guessing. Some of the best guys in the sport have yet to figure out that puzzle."

What do you think, Maniacs? Do we have ourselves a fantastic main event? Or have you abandoned ship now that St. Pierre is riding the pine?

And will a win at UFC 143 produce a legitimate champion -- or just a commercial until the GSP show gets back on the air?

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