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Michael Bisping: Dan Henderson had his shot and tapped -- just like Chael Sonnen

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"Count" Michael Bisping among those who believe that Dan Henderson should stay right where he is: Nestled atop the UFC light heavyweight division.

The former Strikeforce 205-pound champion, who made a successful return to the Octagon in his bloody war against Mauricio Rua at UFC 139 just last month, has also been pining for a middleweight rematch against Anderson Silva.

"Hendo" argues that when he left, following a thunderous knockout of Bisping at UFC 100, he was due for a "Spider" rematch -- until messy contract negotiations sent him to San Jose.

The key word here is "rematch," which in Michael Bisping's eyes, means he had his shot at glory and failed, just like his old wrestling buddy Chael Sonnen.

The brash Brit explains during today's UFC on FOX 2 pre-fight press conference:

"Well, he's just another person that had his shot. I seem to remember him getting tapped out just like Chael did. Both of these guys have a problem with submission defense. If he's bitter about it, don't talk shit about me about it just because you blew your shot."

Henderson and Silva first met at UFC 82 in March 2008, with "The Spider" roaring back after losing the first round to hurt and then submit the Olympic-level Greco Roman wrestler with just seconds left in round two.

It's been more than three years since that showdown, but it still apparently leaves a sour taste in Henderson's mouth, especially since he's had to sit and watch Silva rack up eight more wins and lay claim to the best fighter, perhaps ever, in mixed martial arts.

Bisping isn't shedding any tears and with a win over Demian Maia at UFC on FOX 2 on Jan. 28, 2012, in Chicago, Illinois, he may have a legitimate claim to being the next 185-pound number one contender.

As will the winner of Mark Munoz vs. Chael Sonnen.

One thing is for certain, 2012 is going to be an interesting year for UFC middleweights.

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