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(Pic) Hot girl in thong is not Miesha Tate ... but does it matter?

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I've got bad news for myself all the depraved fight fans who thought they had a sneak peek at some Miesha Tate cheek.

The portly posterior pic seen above, which made the rounds on the mixed martial arts message boards, is not a candid photo of the Strikeforce women's 135-pound champion. "Hell no," it isn't.

Tate tweets:

No that photo isn't even me that's the ridiculous part. I saw the pic n I don't think it looks anything like me I'm in way better shape, even outta shape ... hell no! If u wanna see what my butt looks like u can see it in FIGHT Magazine, not a trampy free pic like that.

You can see the FIGHT! Magazine pics in question here.

Looking good and kicking ass has become a hot-button issue in recent weeks thanks to the introduction of Ronda Rousey (and her incendiary comments) into the female fight scene. Does being one of the "beautiful people" create more opportunities?

Or only if you exploit your physical appearance?

And is it any different for men? Anyone think Georges St. Pierre and Junior dos Santos, both dominant UFC champions, are on an even playing field?

Your thoughts on this topic?

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