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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 Finale results recap: Winners and losers from the Dec. 3 showdown in Las Vegas

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It's a wrap, people.

On Sat., Dec. 3, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) successfully completed what was perhaps the most exciting season of Ultimate Fighter (TUF) we've ever seen with The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Trophies were awarded. Bonus checks for $25,000 were given out to a few lucky competitors. Some talk was backed up, while other chatter turned out to be merely bravado. takes a look back at the event to highlight which fighters came out with an increase to their star power, as well as a recap of which fighters walked away with their legacy a bit more tarnished than before.

Let's do this.


Diego Brandao -- Yep. That's right. I went a bit unconventional with my first pick. You didn't "count" on me going Brandao right out of the gate. We'll get to that other guy in a second. In a fight that will go down as one of the better featherweight scraps we've seen in a while, Brandao was able to come out on top by way of a crazy armbar that seemed to come out of nowhere. It was quick, it was brutal and his opponent, Dennis Bermudez tapped like his arm depended on it. Turns out, it did. Brandao is a little beast. It'll be very exciting to see what's next for the 145-pound spitfire out of the Jackson's MMA camp.

Michael Bisping -- Love him or hate him (and it's really one or the other), you'd have a hard time not complimenting the performance that Bisping put on versus his TUF coaching rival on Saturday night. His cardio was superior. His boxing was worlds better. He was faster, stronger and flat-out better. He won't get a shot at Anderson Silva next, but he was honest afterwards in admitting that he doesn't think he deserves it yet. Maybe there's hope for this guy yet.

Dennis Bermudez -- I know. He lost. But did he really? In the big picture? You can't tell me the UFC and Joe Silva can't use a featherweight like Bermudez who goes out there and lays it all on the line, giving the fans a hugely entertaining match in the process. He lost to the better man on Saturday night, but there were several moments where it looked like it could have gone the other way. Bermudez has a bright future and I, for one, hope that the next time we see him will be in the Octagon again.

John Dodson -- Not everyone was a Dodson fan. He didn't make himself easy to love. He has a big mouth and a laugh that would makes nails on a chalkboard sound like angels singing a lullaby. His obnoxiousness aside, you can't knock his ability. All he does is win. If his opponents keep underestimating his power, they will keep finding themselves waking up from a nap in the middle of the cage wondering what happened and what day it is.


Jason Miller -- This was "Mayhem's" chance to make his way back into the UFC. This was his chance to shut Bisping up once and for all. It was his chance to grow his brand and show people he was more than just a television host who paid other professional mixed martial artists to beat up thugs and bullies. He did none of that. After a pretty good first round that saw Miller in dominant top position, the one-time international star faded quickly. He gassed. He used a poorly thought out strategy. He got beat up and beat up badly. His "star power" will probably get him another chance with the UFC bigwigs, but he'll need to fare far better next go-round.

Dustin Pague -- I'm gonna go easy on Pague here. He was fighting a guy in John Albert who I believe will make some noise in the UFC's bantamweight division. He's good and I don't think we've seen his best stuff yet. That said, Pague got worked under the big lights and it happened way too fast. Pague is 24 years old, so he still has time to refine his skills. He'll need to if he wants to secure a contract with the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

Yves Edwards -- I know it was a super close fight between Edwards and Tony Ferguson. That said, Edwards has now lost two of his last three fights and at 35, he's not getting any younger. The match-up between he and Ferguson was a pairing of a young prospect looking to make a name for himself against an aging veteran gatekeeper. It's not a role Edwards wants to be pigeon-holed in. Hopefully, he can get back on track with a win his next time out.

You Maniacs think you can do better? Prove it. Who were your winners and losers from Saturday night's finale event?

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