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Michael Bisping vs Mayhem Miller fight video highlights from Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 Finale

Michael Bisping pounds out Jason Miller to earn a technical knockout victory in the third round last night (Sat., Dec. 3, 2011) at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 Finale at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Mayhem" started strong but faded fast and the British "Count" took advantage of the exhausted Miller, who apologized to the fans following his defeat. With the victory, Bisping inches closer and closer to the title shot he so desires. One or two more wins and he'll be right there. To read a complete recap of the Bisping vs. Miller fight click here. For complete TUF 14 Finale results and blow-by-blow coverage of all the night's action click here.

Michael Bisping vs. Jason Miller (185 pounds):

Round one: Leg kick from Miller. Miller lands a knee to the body. Good left hand then body kick from Miller. Now their tied up against the cage with Bisping in the dominant position. Both men trade knees. Mayhem with the Thai clinch locked in. Nice body kick from Miller. Good right from Miller. Good overhand right from Miller. Nice right from Bisping. Duck under right hook then left from Miller. Now Miller with a big double leg take down! Full guard for Bisping. Bisping looking to walk the cage. Miller looking for the full mount. Body shot from Miller on top. Punch from Miller. Miller working in some punches. Mayhem with the brief full mount and Bisping walks up and eats a right on the way up. Leg kick from Miller. Good right from Bisping. Jab from Mayhem. Good counter left from Bisping. Right from Bisping. Both men land left hooks. Good combo from Bisping. Jab from Bisping. That is the bell and Miller controlled that round. 10-9 Miller.

Round two: Jab from Bisping. Jab from Miller. Hard knee to the body from Miller. Jab from both men. Good left from Bisping. Jab from Bisping. Inside leg kick from Bisping and counter left from Miller. Miller going hard for a double leg take down and now their tied up against the cage as Miller holds onto a single leg. Good knee from Miller to the body. They break. Jab from Miller. Jab from both men. Good right from Miller. Both men trade wild shots. Good right from Bisping. Jab from Bisping. Miller ducks under trying to tie things up. Knee from Bisping to the body. Miller misses a take down and drops to his back. Bisping tries for a head kick when Miller is on his knees and he is lucky it didnt connect that was blatant. Now their back to the feet. Good body shot from Bisping and then a great combo from Bisping. Bisping now unloading with ease. Body kick from Miller. Good body shot and right hook then left from Bisping. Miller looks gassed. Bisping with a good combo and then a knee from the clinch. Bisping landing some hard unanswered blows now. Bisping is beginning to pick apart Mayhem. Bisping on top landing punches and Miller just covering up and the bell saves him. Big round for Bisping. 10-9 Bisping.

Round three: Miller looks beyond gassed out Bisping could finish this fight in this round if he pushes the pace. Bisping lands a good punch and then stuffs a take down. Mayhem to his back and tries to draw Bisping to the ground but no luck. Right hand from Miller. Another right from Miller. Right from Miller. Good right from Bisping. Another good right from Bisping and now he lands a big powerful right. Another good right from Bisping. Jab then right from Bisping. Combo from Bisping. Bisping complaining of an eye poke. Jab then right from Bisping. Miller with a good shot but Bisping sprawls out. Now Bisping is on top of Miller and has his back as he lands some punches. Knees to the body from Bisping. Miller rolls over for a leg lock but nothing. Now Bisping landing some good ground and pound punches. Hard elbow from Bisping. Miller is beyond gassed. Bisping just working non stop ground and pound. Mayhem is turtling up and not fighting back. That is it the ref stops the fight and Bisping with a big win.

Final result: Micheal Bisping defeats Jason Miller via TKO (Strikes) in Round 3

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