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Dana White on Brock Lesnar retirement and potential return to WWE: 'We'll figure it out'

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Dana White (left) isn't smiling today knowing that Brock Lesnar (right) has retired from MMA and is likely wanting to head back to WWE.
Dana White (left) isn't smiling today knowing that Brock Lesnar (right) has retired from MMA and is likely wanting to head back to WWE.

When Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from MMA last night (Fri., Dec. 30, 2011) after losing to Alistair Overeem in the main event of UFC 141 in Las Vegas, Nevada, it had far reaching effects for both the UFC and (potentially) WWE.

That's because Lesnar is undoubtedly the biggest box office draw in the history of the sport. The last four events he's headlined have drawn over one million pay-per-view buys and it's entirely possible last night's show did the same.

It's highly unlikely any fighter will ever reach those heights.

Naturally, that means UFC President Dana White isn't exactly thrilled with the idea that Brock is going away. He's accepted it, of course, but that's less a choice than a lack of options. "Guys know when they're done," he said.

Now, though, not only does White have to deal with his biggest star leaving the business, he also has to deal with many questions regarding his future and whether or not Brock will pop up in WWE sometime in the future. In fact, he was asked just that last night at the post-fight press conference and a surly White gave this answer:

"When you retire, he retires under contract. I have no idea (how long the contract is). Listen, I've had my moments with Brock Lesnar but I've had a great relationship with him and we'll figure it out, no big deal. Never had a situation with a guy where we haven't done the right thing."

Essentially, Lesnar is still under contract with UFC but White definitely sounds open to the idea of letting him move on to other endeavors.

Including getting a big payday with WWE somewhere down the road.

White has always said he's got a good relationship with pro wrestling czar Vince McMahon, who recently inked Lesnar to a "Legend's Contract," which entails basically everything except getting in the ring for a match.

But that can certainly be amended and if Lesnar pushes White to let him go get paid in one last match with WWE, it sounds like White will back off and let it happen.

Whether or not Lesnar heads back to WWE, his time fighting inside the Octagon is over. That's enough for White to deal with at the moment without worrying about all that pro wrasslin' jazz.

Any Maniacs hoping Brock changes his mind and fights for the UFC again? Or should he head back to the scripted world of the WWE?

Opinions, please.