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UFC 141 results: Jim Hettes dominates Nam Phan en route to decision win

Jim Hettes, who defeated Nam Phan via unanimous decision tonight (Dec. 30) at UFC 141 in Las Vegas.
Jim Hettes, who defeated Nam Phan via unanimous decision tonight (Dec. 30) at UFC 141 in Las Vegas.

The UFC 141: "Lesnar vs. Overeem" main card pay-per-view broadcast kicked off with a fun featherweight fracas featuring the unheralded Jim Hettes taking on former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) contestant Nam Phan.

While largely unknown, Hettes came into the bout sporting a perfect 9-0 record with six first round finishes. He would most certainly provide a stiff test for Phan, who was looking to climb further up the 145-pound ladder. Who put their best foot forward?

That would be Jim Hettes, who simply overwhelmed Phan on the way to a decidely dominant unanimous decision victory by scores of 30-25, 20-25 and 30-26. That's a blowout, folks.

Phan was game throughout, surviving a tough first round and staying composed the entire fight but the outcome always looked clear. This Hettes kid can throwdown. Here's how the bout played out:

Right away, Hettes grabbed a leg and put Phan on his back. Nam managed to get back to his feet but the pressure Hettes applied was simply too much for the former TUF guy.

It wasn't long before Hettes was on top working a guillotine and using it to unload a flurry of big punches that had Phan scrambling to get away. He eventually got back to his feet but simply had no answer for Hettes' pressure game.

Round one, really, was a one-sided beating and Jim Hettes was throwing the hammer.

Phan was competitive to start the second round, mostly because it took Hettes about a minute to earn the takedown again. But, rest assured, it was there for the taking and Jim obliged, scoring more and more points.

Phan looked overmatched and overworked.

The third round featured more of the same. Phan doing his best to get some kind of offense off and Hettes just stifling him before dragging him to the floor and pounding away at his skull.

Quite the pay-per-view debut. Big things ahead, perhaps?

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