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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 Finale results: Michael Bisping beats Mayhem Miller via technical knockout

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After six years away, traveling around the world to ply his craft, Jason Miller finally made his way back to the UFC tonight (Sat., Dec. 3, 2011) at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 Finale in Las Vegas, Nevada, to take on Michael Bisping.

The two built a rivalry as opposing coaches all throughout the season, pulling pranks, exchanging words and generally pissing each other off to no end. Tonight they finally settled up inside the cage, like true gentlemen always should.

But when they finally went at it was the ugliest fight either man may have ever been a part of.

Miller got tired, Bisping overwhelmed with a high volume of strikes and the referee called a stop to the action in the third round after "Mayhem" all but stopped defending himself due to sheer exhaustion.

Miller came out hard and fast, looking to establish himself early. It's been over a year since he last fought, after all, and he clearly wanted to make it clear he's here to fight.

After landing a shot or two early, "Mayhem" earned a takedown and spent most of the round on top in full mount. When they got back up, it was ugly but Bisping firmly established himself, finally announcing his arrival as a participant in the fight.

The second stanza was just as bad. In fact, an errant headbutt from Miller put a mouse on "The Count's" forehead and forced a short stoppage to the action.

When the fight restarted, Bisping poured it on. "Mayhem" was tired and the Brit took advantage by landing shot after shot after shot. Nothing hard enough to earn a knockdown but volume enough that Miller's face showed the damage.

Swelling, a black eye, cut up. Miller just looked gone.

"Mayhem" came out hard and fast again in the third but Bisping's crisp striking easily surpassed Miller's wild overhands. The story of the rest of the fight was volume. Bisping kept the pressure on while Miller faded away.

Exhaustion is a killer.

And so, Bisping takes one more step towards his goal of a middleweight title shot. Anyone care to see it?

Anyone at all?

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