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Cotto vs Margarito 2 results and LIVE coverage TONIGHT (Dec. 3) from New York

Fighter poster for "Cotto vs. Margarito 2" via <a href=""></a>.
Fighter poster for "Cotto vs. Margarito 2" via

After months of anticipation, bitter rivals Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito will square off once again TONIGHT (Dec. 3, 2011), this time in the fabled Madison Square Garden in New York, New York. And there will be more than just revenge on the line -- Cotto's WBA (Super) light middleweight title will also be at stake. will deliver complete LIVE "Cotto vs. Margarito 2" results right below, as well as all the action from the under card from the HBO pay-per-view (PPV), which begins at 9 P.M. ET.

In the co-main event, eternally-exciting Brandon Rios faces John Murray in a lightweight title bout. However, because Rios missed weight yesterday, should he lose the bout, the title will become vacant, while Murray will get it if he wins.

Further, unbeaten Mike Jones and rugged Argentinian Sebastian Lujan will face off in a welterweight title eliminator, while Pawel Wolak and Delvin Rodriguez will try to match their "Fight of the Year" candidate from July of this year.

Check out our complete, up-to-the-minute results of "Cotto vs. Margarito 2" after the jump:

Main Card Quick Results

153 lbs.: Miguel Cotto def. Antonio Margarito by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 3:00 of Round 9
136.6 lbs.: Brandon Rios def. John Murray by TKO at 2:23 of Round 11
147 lbs.:: Mike Jones def. Sebastian Andres Lujan by Unanimous Decision (119-109x2, 118-110)
154 lbs.: Delvin Rodriguez def. Pawel Wolak by Unanimous Decision (98-91, 98-92, 100-90)

Light Middleweight Championship: Miguel Cotto (c) vs. Antonio Margarito

Round one: Margarito sporting cornrows. If he’s not actively trying to be the most reprehensible human being on the planet, he’s a friggin’ natural.

Yay, now is fighty time, fighty time, blood blood blood~

Jabs early. Good one-two from Cotto, slow jab from Margarito. Left to the body from Cotto. Margarito not moving with the same implacability as last time, and gets nailed by a combo. Nice one to the body from Cotto, who also lands a left inside. Good left-right from Margarito. Jab from Cotto upstairs. Good right-left from Cotto. More good jabs and a three-punch combo. Solid combo lands for Cotto. Not overwhelming, but one-sided nonetheless for Cotto. 10-9 same.

Round two: Short combo from Cotto, not much behind it. Good left to the body from Cotto, Margarito goes low. Nice right to the body from Cotto, then Margarito swings low again. Nice left hook by Cotto. Margarito with a solid one-two and gets smacked with a hard right in retaliation. And again. Cotto getting the better of the jab game. Nice left to the head from Cotto. Two more land. Right-left Cotto. Nice flurry from Cotto. Body shots inside from Margarito, who gets blasted with another hard hook. Left hand of Cotto commanding this bout so far. Body shots from Margarito. Another dominant round for the Puerto Rican. 20-18 Cotto.

Round three: Margarito moving forward. Series of jabs from Margarito, Cotto’s faster. Cotto smashes Margarito with a left hook and opens up a cut. Another left hook from Cotto and a right up top. Left uppercut from Margarito to the body. Good lefts from Cotto. Margarito finally gets Cotto to the ropes briefly and lands some to the body. Flurry from Margarito with his back against the ropes. Hard shots from both fighters. BIG left from Cotto upstairs and another. More big headshots from Cotto, but Margarito is starting to have some success getting him to the ropes. Still a clear round for Cotto, though. 30-27 same.

Round four: Good combo from Cotto early. Right smacks Margarito, then a left catches him. Jab from Cotto. Mean right hand from Cotto. Briefly against the ropes is Cotto, hard blows to the body from Margarito. Left hook upstairs for Cotto and again. Decent inside exchange for Margarito. Another good left hook from Cotto. Uppercuts from Margarito inside landing well. ANOTHER big left hook leads into an accurate combo from Cotto. Right straight from Cotto. Trading in the clinch. Right from Cotto on the break. Good right straight from Cotto. Closer round, but it doesn’t feel like the momentum is shifting. 40-36 Cotto.

Round five: One-two from Cotto lands. Jabs from Cotto scoring, then another left hook. Nice little flurry deflected form Cotto. Stiff jab from Miguel, Margarito unable to trap him on the ropes and eats a right straight. Brief burst from Margarito on the ropes, then Cotto flurries into Margarito’s face. Cotto tying Margarito up, then a good right on the break. Stiff jab stops Margarito in his tracks as he tries to force Cotto into the ropes. Chopping left seems to wobble Margarito, but his bravado is unshaken. Double jab from Cotto. Left hook from Cotto; Margarito now getting him against the ropes but unable to generate offense. Enjoyably one-sided affair so far. 50-45 Cotto.

Round six: Left to the body from Margarito leads Cotto to tie him up again. Good left from Cotto inside. Stiff jabs from Cotto. Margarito slammed with another left inside. Cotto takes a few uppercuts in the clinch. Good left hook from Cotto. Margarito now digging to the body against the ropes, but good use of the clinch by Cotto. Good left seems to stun Margarito temporarily and he holds on to Cotto. Right straight from Cotto, then a nice jab. Big left hand at the end. Announcers giving it to Margarito. They are stupid. 60-54 Cotto.

Round seven: Margarito pushing forward, lands some uppercuts inside. Counter left from Cotto lands. Nice straight punches from Margarito. Hard combo from Cotto, body blow from Margarito. Jabs from Cotto. Again goes Margarito to the body. Hard check hook from Cotto scores. Cotto lands a good left before tying up. Margarito with uppercuts inside, still trying to walk down Cotto. Cotto presses him into the ropes, then after the break, lands a good one-two right at (or perhaps after) the bell. 70-63 Cotto.

Round eight: Margarito’s right eye is completely shut. Good straight blows from Cotto. Margarito unable to pin Cotto against the ropes and seems bothered by the eye. Another good left hook from Cotto, then a pair of jabs. Loose tape on Cotto’s glove forces a brief pause. Nice, stiff jabs from Cotto, then a hard right straight. Another hard left and Margarito simply can’t catch him. Quick tie-up by Cotto. Margarito’s battered by lefts and rights. Good left hand from Cotto. Decent uppercuts inside from Margarito, who gets slammed again by counters. Another hard flurry from Cotto; Margarito trying to goad him to no avail. 80-72 Cotto.

Round nine: Doc’s looking reeeaaaaaal closely at that eye, but they’re gonna let him continue. Another good left from Cotto and another. Nasty uppercut from Cotto, then a left hook. Clinch from Cotto. Right straight from Cotto leads to another clinch. Cotto targeting that eye with extreme prejudice and lands yet another solid left. Good left to the body from Margarito, hard left hook by Cotto upstairs. Cotto clinching effectively whenever Margarito pushes him into the ropes. Cotto absolutely NAILS Margarito with left hooks, but he’s still standing. Stiff, stiff jab by Cotto, then a hard left straight. Left-right from Cotto. BIG left from Cotto. Margarito landing a few inside but the quality difference between their punches is enormous. 10-9 for Cotto, still a shutout.

Some confusion with the doctors in Margarito’s corner, and they seem like they’re stopping it. They are. Miguel Cotto has defeated Antonio Margarito in absolutely dominant fashion.

Final Result: Miguel Cotto def. Antonio Margarito by Ninth-Round Doctor Stoppage


Lightweight Championship: Brandon Rios (c) vs. John Murray

Round one: Again, Rios missed weight on his first go and had to sacrifice a portion of his purse. Further, even if he wins, he will be stripped of his title.

See, guys, it's not just an MMA thing. Brandon doesn’t look all that confident. Wouldn’t surprise me if he just blitzed Murray right out of the gate to try to keep the weight cut from becoming a factor.

Trading short punches early, Murray landing a bit better. Good one-two from Rios. Phone booth fight temporarily. Hard body blow from Murray, then a one-two from Murray. Body blow and upper from Brandon, Murray responds with a clean right to the head. Short body punch from Murray, but Rios lands a nice right hook. Nice series of lefts from Rios. Good little flurry inside, Rios landing better. Close round; had Murray ahead early, but Rios moved ahead late. 10-9 for Brandon.

Round two: Rios pumping his jab, keeping Murray at bay. Tries to follow with the right, but nothing doing. Murray jacked by a handful of uppercuts inside. Nice flurry response from Murray. Good combo from Murray. Good left uppercuts inside from Rios. Hard jab from Rios. Left uppercut is landing well. Good combos from both men. Murray slowly driving Rios back, but Brandon is landing the better blows. Close round, but another one in the books for Rios. 20-18 same.

Round three: Murray landing hard early on. Nice lefts from Rios in response. Good exchanging inside. Smacking left hook from Rios. Nice Rios uppercut. Rios starting to throw more and landing it; Murray is landing some in response but Brandon is steadily building momentum. Murray forces Rios back temporarily and lands some inside well. Very impressive round, but I’m going to give it to Rios once again.30-27 same.

Round four: Good jabbing from Rios. Good one-two from Rios. Short lefts from Murray, then a good combo. Rios is trying to respond in kind. Good little flurry from Murray, but Rios scores to the body. More inside trading and Rios gets his head bobbled by a series of short blows. Murray starting to take control and landing well inside. Hook and uppercut from Murray. And again Murray lands; the tide is starting to turn here. 39-37 Rios.

Round five: Jabs initially favored Rios, but Murray is starting to score. Inside punching from Murray, then a good left to the body from Rios. More point-blank exchanges, with Murray continuing to get the better of it despite a good uppercut from Rios. Clinch. Body blow from Murray, good uppercut in response from Rios. Left upper from Rios, but there isn’t that much pop on it. Rios is unable to keep Murray off of him, and while neither man is scoring big, John is landing the better punches. Good exchange inside; Rios might have wobbled Murray slightly at the bell, but another round for the Brit. 48-47 Rios.

Round six: Rios swinging bigger now and jacks Murray with uppercuts. Murray still pushing forward; now he’s getting backed up by Rios. Good left uppercut from Rios, then a series of jabs. One-two from Murray, body blows and uppercuts from Rios. Murray caught in the corner now and Rios swinging big. Murray lands a couple good hits, but Rios is taking control once again. Good uppercuts inside from Rios, who forces Murray back into the ropes. One-two from Rios and Murray’s bleeding from a few places. Murray starting to land better, but more uppercuts working for Rios. Much better round for the American, and he’s back in the driver’s seat. 58-56 Rios.

Round seven: Good right from Murray and another. Rios establishing dominance here, forcing John back. Murray’s right eye isn’t looking good here. One-two from Rios lands. Body blow from Murray, then some good uppercuts. Rios back on the offensive and lands a good left. Body shot from Murray and a chopping right, neither slowing Rios. Good combos inside for Rios. Body blows from Murray land, but one strays low. Ref takes a point from Murray with no warning; dumb move. 10-8 round for Rios, 68-64 same.

Round eight: Murray on the offensive right away; seems to know he’s fighting on a time limit. Good few blows up top from Rios inside. Series of lefts from Rios land, then a big right. Left to the body from Rios. Right-left from Rios, Murray smacks a couple into Rios. There’s a huge red welt on the side of Murray’s abdomen from all the inside rights. Brandon with a series of uppercuts, Murray’s retaliatory left hook ineffective. Uppercuts at the end for Murray, but his face looks awful and Rios landed better that round. 78-73 Rios.

Round nine: Murray aggressive in the early going, landing decently well. More combinations from Murray, starting to take it to Rios. Rios forces Murray back into the ropes. Exchanging in the center now, Murray seemingly landing more. Lefts from Murray inside. Right from Murray, Rios still forcing him back. Right goes low form Murray, who then gets popped with a good right straight. Even exchange in the end; I’ll give this one to Murray. 87-83 Rios.

Round ten: Murray needs at least a knockdown, probably two if he doesn’t want to lose here. Good uppercuts by Rios as he forces Murray back. Good one-two from Rios, then a clinch from Murray. Another right up top from Rios, who seems to be hesitant to throw it. Little flurry inside from Rios, Murray tries to respond. More inside combinations, Rios coming out on top. Hard right from Rios to end the round. 97-92 Rios.

Round eleven: Some decent uppercuts from Murray. Relatively inactive clinch suddenly turns back into a quick flurry. Rios scores with several to the head, with Murray having trouble mounting too much of a retaliatory offense. Right uppercut from Rios. Missed flurry from Murray, then a big right hand from Rios, who resumes biffing Murray with uppercuts inside. Murray getting forced back and he looks hurt; ref jumps in as the biffing reaches the ropes. TKO win for Brandon Rios, who didn’t look like himself but still scored a legitimate stoppage in the eleventh.

Final Result: Brandon Rios def. John Murray by eleventh-round TKO


Welterweight Title Eliminator: Mike Jones vs. Sebastian Lujan

Round one: Patrick here. Time to get plastered (see what I did there?)

Jones looks pretty darn imposing next to Lujan. There’s the bell. Lot of movement from Lujan early, flicking jabs to the body. Good left inside from Jones. Lujan swinging wide but can’t catch Jones’s head. Jones not committing to anything, just putting the jab out there. Counter uppercut form Jones misses. Lujan pushes forward, but can’t land anything clean. Good short flurry from Jones. Looping left from Lujan doesn’t land. BIG right hand from Jones wobbles Lujan, but the Argentinian is okay. Lujan moving backwards for the first time, Jones remaining patient. Good round from Jones; 10-9 same.

Round two: Both men swinging big from the get-go, Jones lands better. Good left uppercut, then left hook from Jones. Counter straight from Jones. Good jabs from Jones; Lujan fighting off his back foot. Lujan avoids a hard flurry. Left to the body, then the head from Jones. Lujan nailed hard against the ropes, but is managing to bend away from a lot of them. Lujan unable to land anything significant save a few jabs. Another Jones round, 20-18 same.

Round three: Lujan now moving forward, but Jones rips several to the body in response. Jabs from Jones. One-two from Jones, Lujan retreating. Jabs from Jones. Left hook from Lujan deflected. Looping right from Lujan misses, Jones content to work his left. Jones has his left hand low, but is managing to avoid most of Lujan’s counter-offensive. Jones is hunting the chopping right, but not landing. Good exchange inside. Right from Jones looks like it landed. Good mutual flurry to end the round, which was closer, but still clearly Jones’s

Round four: Lujan moving forward, lands decently to the body. Jones not firing back much. Now he gets into it, landing to Lujan’s body. Lujan is now entirely on offense and has Jones uncomfortable. Looping right from Jones whiffs. Lujan has his hands at his waist and seems to be trying to bait an uppercut. He gets one, but lets it miss with no response. Absolutely no respect for Jones’s power from Lujan, who continues going to the body. Much better round for Lujan, but he’s playing with fire. 39-37 Jones.

Round five: Tie-up early. Left from Jones, chopping right from Lujan. Jones flurrying to the body every time Lujan comes close. Clinch. Good jabs from Jones, continued lack of guard from Lujan. Right uppercut from Jones, and another. Right straight from Jones. Good combo from Jones, but Lujan continuously moving forward. Big left uppercut from Jones, Lujan contemptuous. Jabs from Jones. Right straight from Jones knocks Lujan back. Lujan still moving forward, but Jones is finding his range at the bell. 10-9 Jones, 49-46 same.

Round six: Unfortunately, I lost the writeup I had, but it was a close round I gave to Lujan. 58-56 Jones

Round seven: Lujan again moving forward but leaving his head dangerously exposed. Good right cross inside from Jones. Good mutual headshots. Clubbing left hook from Jones inside, left uppercut misses then connects. The Argentinian is really asking for a huge uppercut. Good jabs from Jones. More jabs, Lujan fervently ignoring them. Uppercut strays low from Jones, not significant. Lujan just lumbering forward, and he’s just looking sloppier and sloppier. Lujan cracked by Jones, but really looked bad in there. 68-65 Jones.

Round eight: I seem to have lost a round somewhere. I have no idea how. This one was, unsurprisingly, Jones's.

Round nine: Lot of output from both men early. Chopping rights from Jones land. Left hook lands from Lujan, then a right from Jones. Jones working the jab, still looking for a fight-ending right hand. Jabs from Jones. More stinging jabs from Jones. Lujan lands a handful, Jones lands more. Jab from Jones, then a good right. Stiff jab from Jones. Lujan will need something VERY dramatic if he wants this one. Only two rounds to Lujan, and I'm being generous

Round ten: Lujan cracked inside by left uppercuts. Jones working the jab. Lujan trying to work the body inside, still throwing ugly punches. Flurry to the body from Jones, who’s doing a fine job just backing off and jabbing. Left to the body from Jones, Lujan still walking through them. Good three blows from Jones, then a good right-left. Another round for the American. 98-92 Jones

Round eleven: Into the championship rounds I didn’t originally know were there. Lujan throwing a decent jab now, but his rights are still ugly as sin. Lujan managing to push Jones back through legitimate pressure for the first time in several rounds. Jones trying to time a counter right with no luch. Good left, then right from Jones. Hard flurry directly to Lujan’s head, who ignores it, then ignores a big uppercut. Lujan ROCKED against the ropes, Lujan avoiding everything with only head movement. Impressive, but stupid. Jones’s round again. 108-101 Jones.

Round twelve: Lujan is entirely unable to land anything clean. As I write that, Lujan lands a decent right and left. Jones lands better. Prodding jab from Jones not accomplishing much. Good left from Jones. Lujan is not nearly as desperate as he should be. Jones lands a big, winging right, which Lujan laughs off. Decent right from Lujan. STIFF jab knocks Lujan back, but he might have been pretending. Nasty right cross inside from Jones produces no reaction. Jones swinging huge at the end, but can’t finish Lujan, who raises his hands for some strange reason. 118-110 Jones, easily.

Final Result: 118-110, 119-109, 119-109, all for the winner by unanimous decision, Mike Jones


Light Middleweight Bout: Pawel Wolak vs. Delvin Rodriguez

Round one: Sorry about my negligence in that last fight; I seem to have gotten a tad enraptured.

Anyway, onto the rematch.

Pawel Wolak is apparently known as the “Raging Bull”. You’re on thin ice already, Wolak; you’d best entertain me.

Okay, there are too many bloody titles out there. This is apparently ALSO a title fight for some meaningless alphabet soup belt.

Ripping to the body is Rodriguez. Wolak moving forward, gets thumped to the torso. Wolak lands hard and pushes Delvin into the ropes, but Delvin gets out. Solid left from Delvin leads into a clinch. Nice stiff jab from Wolak. Good right to the head from Rodriguez, then a thumping body blow from Wolak. Popping jab from Wolak. Right cross from Wolak. Pumping jab from Rodriguez. Nice hookercut from Rodriguez, chopping right inside from Wilak. Nice right from Wolak inside. Close round, but I’m leaning towards Rodriguez. 10-9 same.

Round two: Wolak walking Rodriguez down. Slapping lefts from Rodriguez, then a solid uppercut, clinch aainst the ropes, small shots from Wolak. Hard right from Rodriguez, Wolak disregards and lunges in with punches that go slightly off. Hard left headshots from Rodriguez, then a solid right. Delvin looking for the chopping right, lands a good uppercut-left hook combo. Jab from Wolak lands. Jab from Rodriquez effective. Good upper from Delvin and again. Good right upper from Wolak inside. Right straight from Delvin. Left to the body from Wolak. Nasty right uppercut and chopping right from Rodriguez to end the round. 20-18 Rodriguez.

Round three: Wolak moving forward, absorbs lefts off his glove. Sweeping right from Rodriguez deflected. Slapping shots inside from Wolak. Good body-head thumps from Wolak. Hard right from Delvin absorbed. Rodriguez starting to land solid combos, but Wolak doesn’t seem to acknowledge that they exist. Nasty uppercut-double hook from Rodriguez. Thumping shots to the head and body from Wolak. Minor standoff inside. Delvin landing the harder punches, Wolak shrugging them off and just walking forward. Clinch inside, Wolak tries to slug at the end. Good round for Delvin; 30-27 same.

Round four: Wolak still hot on Delvin’s tail, but gets caught with a hook-uppercut. Head contact inside. Phone booth fight, Delvin defending and Wolak landing body blows. More good lefts to the body from Wolak. Nasty right uppercut from Rodriguez and another; these are big shots. Hard left hook from Delvin. Hard flurry from Delvin and Wolak is getting blasted with uppercuts. Feet are still steady and he lands a good left-right, but Delvin is hurting him bad with left hooks and right uppercuts. Good little flurry inside from Wolak. Slapping shots from Wolak, but he is losing this fight everywhere it goes. 40-36 Rodriguez.

Round five: Delvin lands a nasty right cross as they move back into the phone booth. Rodriguez lands a hard uppercut and a combo behind it. Sweeping right from Delvin lands. Uppercut-hook combo from Delvin lands. Nice body blow from Wolak, but he doesn’t seem to be fazing Delvin, who lands another uppercut. Short blows from Wolak have no effect. Short upper from Delvin, then a solid right. Thudding body shot from Delvin and another. Wolak unable to push Delvin back or inflict damage; this isn’t looking good for the Jersey boy. 50-45 for Delvin.

Round six: Pawel still moving forward, but he’s not producing pressure and is just getting nailed whenever he gets close. Decent up-down combo from Wolak. Short shots exchanged inside, Delvin landing a few solid rights. Good combo from Rodriguez. Pawing from both on the outside now. Harder body blows inside from Wolak, but Delvin shrugging them off. Delvin finally caught in the corner, but spins out quickly. Hard right cross from Delvin. Thumping shots inside from Pawel. Delvin seemed to slack off here, just enough for me to give it to Wolak. 59-55 Rodriguez.

Round seven: Good flurry from Delvin, who seems to be a bit more active this time out. Thumping body blow from Delvin, then a solid uppercut. Uppercut-left hook combo, which seems to be Delvin’s money combo. Upper from Rodriguez. Pawel’s mouthpiece pops out, but they reset quickly. More flurries from Delvin, who is firing with impunity at this point. Wolak stoically walking through them, but he’s not landing anything of value. Right-left from Delvin, who now has his hands at his waist. Brings them back up and lands a big winging right. Inside again. Hard right from Delvin and another, then a big right uppercut. Pawel looks a bit lost in there, and Rodriguez is running away with it. 69-64 Rodriguez.

Round eight: Hard right upper, then left hook from Delvin. Right cross from Delvin and another. Jabs from Rodriguez. Good left upper and straight from Delvin. Nice inside blows from Wolak. Rodriguez is landing more and more, now content to operate on the outside and keep a wall of straight shots between him and Wolak. Another hard right from Delvin, then some nice jabs. Delvin now hands his hands down again, now flurrying hard. Nice left from Rodriguez. Little bolo from Dlvin, then a hard right uppercut and left from Delvin. Pawel needs something amazing. 79-73 Rodriguez.

Round nine: Wolak seems to have no other tricks at his disposal. Lefts from Delvin, then a left uppercut. Wolak lands a decent left, but can’t move Delvin even with a solid right. Digging lefts from Wolak inside, but Rodriguez shrugging them off, then lands a good little combo Pawel trying to stalk his man, but gets tagged with a right to the body. Left hook from Delvin, then a multi-punch burst that nails Wolak. Heavy flurrying from both sides at the end, but still Delvin’s round. 89-82 same.

Round ten: Wolak pushes Delvin against the ropes, but can’t land anything hard. Rodriguez nailing Wolak with combos again. Wolak is walking through it all, but he can’t generate anything in return. Pawel hits to the body, but gets smacked by a hook in return. Delvin teeing off now and Wolak looks hurt. Referee right on top of them but Wolak seems okay. Still getting pounded, but he has his wits about him. Lethargic clinch. Nasty left from Rodriguez, then a right straight. Uppercut, hook land. Delvin gives Pawel a few free shots, but the Pole can’t capitalize. Rodriguez whaling on Wolak to end the fight and a dominating round. 99-91 Rodriguez.

Final Result: 98-91, 98-92, and 100-90 for the winner by unanimous decision, Delvin Rodriguez


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