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Chael Sonnen suplexes grappling dummy and promises the end of Anderson Silva (Video)

"January 28, Mark Munoz, Palmeiras I need your support, then I will come to Brazil. It will be champion versus champion, it will be Palmeiras versus Corinthians, it will be the end of Anderson Silva."

UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen practices his running suplex on a helpless grappling dummy in advance of his UFC on FOX 2 elimination fight against Mark Munoz on Jan. 28, 2012, at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Sonnen, who recently claimed he was done with a future "Spider" fight, is using two of Brazil's top soccer teams to connect with his South American fan base, which at last count is close to breaking double digits. Anyone think Munoz can put an end to all the trash talk? Or will "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" get unplugged by the veteran wrestler? How do you see this fight playing out? And which fighter has a better chance of dethroning Silva? Opinions, please.

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