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Jason 'Mayhem' Miller admits to 'freaking out' during Michael Bisping fight at TUF 14 Finale

Photo by Esther Lin via
Photo by Esther Lin via

Jason Miller spent an entire season on Spike TV as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 telling anyone who would listen, including the man himself, that he was going to brutalize Michael Bisping at the Finale on Dec. 3 in Las Vegas.

Never mind the fact that "Mayhem" had gone an entire year without fighting. Oh and this was his reintroduction to the UFC audience, a group of fans he hadn't competed in front of since a lopsided decision loss to reigning Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre back in 2005.

By the time the fight came, Miller was on edge. His nerves were undeniable and the pressure he felt was crushing. What if he failed? What if he came up short after talking all that noise about beating down the British bully?

Fast forward 15 minutes and Bisping was walking around the Octagon with his chest pumped out having triumphed over Miller, who lay battered and broken. His worst fears had been realized. He worked his way back to the big show and he laid the proverbial egg once he got there.

Now, in an interview with our friends at, Miller admits to "freaking out" once he got to the cage.

"I'll admit that. It felt weird walking out there. I didn't feel like my normal self, and it really showed. I couldn't get relaxed, couldn't perform to my potential. And I'm not taking anything from Bisping, but it was definitely not my best performance. I didn't think that that layoff would do anything to me. But man, it was apparent that it did. I kind of freaked out in there. I've got to admit it. I usually sit down on the [stool] and get a burst of energy back. But man, I sat down and I was sucking wind. I didn't feel like myself. I was like, man, what's going on with me here? I just couldn't get back refocused. In the training room, I did it just fine. But inside the Octagon, I didn't come back like I do. I was going, where am I? Usually, by the end of the 60 seconds I'm recharged. I wasn't recharged at all. I was more tired than when I sat down."

After the fight was over, UFC President Dana White, the man who controls Miller's future, called it "the most lopsided fight" he had ever seen. And considering the many times the Octagon boss has sat cageside with the best seat in the house, that's saying something.

Miller says he has yet to hear from White, too, leaving him in limbo, suspended in time and awaiting his marching orders. That could mean another fight and a chance to redeem himself or it could mean a pink slip.

Hell, he could even get sent back down to Strikeforce. And after a performance like this one, it might be where he belongs.

Anyone think "Mayhem" deserves one more chance in the UFC? Or should White send him on his merry way? Maybe Strikeforce is a better landing spot?

Opinions, please.

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