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UFC Quick Quote: Alistair Overeem's arms might be too big for a guillotine choke on Brock Lesnar

Did Alistair Overeem pump himself up, up and away from a win against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141?
Did Alistair Overeem pump himself up, up and away from a win against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141?

"I think that Alistair obviously just uses his ground game to avoid taking punishment and that way, when he gets back up to his feet, he's very damaging. I think he does have an excellent guillotine but Lesnar doesn't really shoot with his head on the side and kind of wade right in like, Hrmm, I wonder if he's able to grab and pull it up. Another thing too, when Alistair's guillotine has been so dangerous has been at 205. I really haven't seen him and I could be wrong and people are more than welcome to correct me with how many wins he has as a heavyweight with a guillotine because I know, for me personally, the thicker your arm gets, when it comes to some chokes, like the palm from behind or the guillotine, we're using the forearm. Guys, like a Jon Jones-type, with a real long, thin forearm are way more menacing than a guy with like a Lesnar-type arm and I think that's kind of what Overeem's done to himself. He's gone from a Jon Jones-type forearm to a Lesnar so I wonder how that's affected his guillotine. You don't really see guys with really big arms pulling off guillotines. Another way I try to explain it to people is the triangle. The guys with long, thin legs are way more menacing than a guy with thick legs and it seems like when they put the choke on, it's not really like bone digging into the side of the neck, it's softer, it's across the neck and my jaw line, it's more surface area."

Former UFC heavyweight champion and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Frank Mir talks to MMA Nation about Alistair Overeem's dreaded guillotine choke, which has claimed eight victims over the course of his mixed martial arts career and three in ADCC competition. But did "Demolition Man" lose some of that submission prowess by bulking up and transitioning to heavyweight? Mir argues the increased musculature in "The Reem's" arms will make a guillotine more difficult to execute, which could be the difference maker in trying to stop a takedown from Brock Lesnar. Does this new intel change the way you look at their UFC 141 headliner? Or is it Overeem's striking -- not his submissions -- that will bring him the win on Dec. 30 in Las Vegas? A closer look at this battle of styles right here.

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