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Leonard Garcia says Girl St. Pierre is scared of heights (Video)

"The first time I met Georges, we went on a run in the mountains and Georges is afraid of heights. Nobody knows this, but he's like a girl when it comes to heights. Part of the run takes us on the edge of the mountain where you can safely run but right off the edge is a drop. He's behind me running and he's calling my name and he was like 'Hey man, can I grab the back of your shirt while we run?' I was like, 'What, why?' He was trying to tell me, 'The height!' It's a funny story, he was holding on to the back of my shirt while we were running and he's like, "Don't tell nobody about this,' and here I am doing an interview about it."

UFC featherweight "Bad Boy," Leonard Garcia, dishes dirt on Georges St. Pierre, who is apparently so afraid of heights, he can't run an elevated path without grabbing on to the sweaty shirt of the guy in front of him. "Rush" won't have to worry about stretching his legs anytime soon following knee surgery that will keep him benched until the end of 2012. Anyone else reading his account in a French-Canadian accent? I'm scayured of dee height.

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