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Carlos Condit vs Nick Diaz is 'going to be a big five-round war'

That's not my opinion, necessarily, though I don't exactly disagree. That's what mixed martial arts (MMA) trainer to the stars, Greg Jackson, told Inside MMA last night.

Jackson, who trains Carlos Condit and is getting him ready for his interim welterweight championship bout at UFC 143 on Feb. 4, 2012, in Las Vegas, had this to say about the match-up:

"It really is (going to be an interesting fight). You know, Diaz is so tough, and he's really turned it on this last year or two. He's looked amazing. Carlos has too, so I think it's going to be a real barnburner with those two guys. They're both tough as nails and I'm expecting a huge five round war. I'd like it to go short in our favor but Nick's so tough, it's going to be a big five round war."

Not exactly going out on a limb with a prediction like that but what did we expect, right?

Really, Condit and Diaz will have reason to get inside the cage with an extra zest to tear the other's head off. That's because they've both been on a veritable rollercoaster these past few months, especially Condit.

They both had title shots against Georges St. Pierre ripped away, by insubordination and injury, and Diaz had to fight a friend (B.J. Penn) while "The Natural Born Killer" has been left sitting on the sidelines twiddling his thumbs.

Sounds like a recipe for a "big five-round war."

Hear more from Jackson in the full entry, including his thoughts on his stable of fighters, which includes such elite fighters as the previously mentioned St. Pierre, Condit and Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

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