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UFC Quick Quote: Diego Brandao is going to murder Dennis Bermudez

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Photo by Daniel S. Archuleta via
Photo by Daniel S. Archuleta via

"The Diego fight is a whitewash, he's going to absolutely murder Bermudez. Diego's an animal. I said Diego could win a UFC title right from the start of the series, that's why he was my top pick. Did you see him fight in the semifinal? Oh my God, he almost murdered the guy. Everyone was sh*t-scared of him. They were all pretending they weren't but they all were."

Sounds like Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 coach Michael Bisping (via has bet the house on Diego Brandao, who smashed and bashed his way to the Dec. 3 live finale opposite Dennis Bermudez this Saturday night at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to "The Count," the Brazilian bomber had the rest of the 145-pound contestants running scared, but will he be able to capitalize on fight night? Or is he all bark and no bite? How do you see this featherweight finale playing out?