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Nick Diaz nominated for 2011 'Stocktonian of the Year'

And if there's any justice in this world, he'll win, if for no other reason than to hear his acceptance speech.

The last man to hold the Strikeforce welterweight title, Nick Diaz, is under consideration for 2011 'Stocktonian of the Year' following a write-in ballot to his hometown newspaper, The Record, in Stockton, California.

Says The Record:

This isn't about maturity or proper behavior and decision making. The Stockton mixed martial arts fighter has none of those. What he has is talent and presence and - if he can keep (or get) that head of his on his shoulders - the potential to be a Stockton athletic rallying cry, ala Dallas Braden. Perhaps this is a year early. If he can win a huge upcoming fight and learn to act like an adult, maybe we'll have another Yaqui Lopez on our hands.

The award, presented by the Central Valley Association of Realtors and the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, recognizes "people who have made a positive impact on [the] community, often over decades."

And if there is a fan among us who doesn't realize Diaz is from "The 209," then you just haven't been paying attention.

Diaz trains out of the famed Cesar Gracie Academy along with his brother Nick and made his successful return to the UFC back in October with a three round unanimous decision win over B.J. Penn.

That victory, coupled with his accomplishments in Strikeforce, earned him a 2012 title shot opposite Georges St. Pierre at UFC 143 on Feb. 4 in Las Vegas.

Stocktonian of the Year in 2011, UFC welterweight champion in 2012?

What say you?

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