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Frank Mir: Strikeforce heavyweights add much needed depth to UFC roster

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight kingpin Frank Mir is probably getting sick of rematches.

That could explain why he's so happy to have his heavyweight counterparts over at Strikeforce join him early next year inside the Octagon, adding some much needed depth to the 265-pound division.

Mir talks to ESPN 1100/98.9 FM's "MMA Insiders" show (via Yahoo Sports):

"We don't have the type of depth that the other weight classes have and I think it's only a benefit to move them (Strikeforce heavyweights) over to us. I guess I have a bad taste in my mouth because of what happened when I first started my career. I had to always hear about, 'Oh, you guys are good, but the PRIDE guys would kick your butt.' There is no comparison and then that frustration of not being able to get to them. And then when Nogueira came over and Mirko, ( I ) got a hold of them. 'Yeah, but there is still Fedor.' I don't want to hear that. I want to know that anybody that is in the division, it's like if you think you can beat me, 'Hey Joe Silva, is he clear?' Okay, cool, let's fight. Now we can solve it you know? That whole unattainable thing just drives me insane."

Some of the Strikeforce heavyweights will make the jump over to the UFC due to the planned termination of the division in 2012.

Mir is hoping to prove that all the best of the big boys reside in the UFC, much like he did when he went three for three against two former PRIDE FC heavyweight champions in Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Mirko Filipovic; who many believed were the cream of the crop during their heyday in the PRIDE organization.

With potential additions such as Josh Barnett, Daniel Cormier, Sergei Kharitonov and Antonio Silva; Mir, or any other UFC heavyweight for that matter, will have no shortage of opponents should the move come to pass.

Fresh of his first round submission victory of "Minotauro" at UFC 140 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, back on Dec. 10, 2011, Mir is patiently waiting to see just who UFC matchmakers pair him up against.

Should it be one of the Strikeforce heavyweights?

Who do you feel would be a good match-up for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) black belt?

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