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Vitor Belfort: Soccer is the passion of Brazil but UFC is taking over (Video)

"They said that soccer was the passion of our people but the UFC is taking over. I'm so glad to be a part of the past, the present and the future. And in the future, the UFC is going to be mainstream everywhere. Because UFC, Dana White, Lorenzo and the whole crew, bring the best, inside the Octagon and outside. We always care about the fans. We deliver the product. But also we love them, we share with them everything, the experience. ... This has become a style of life, UFC."

Count on Vitor Belfort to push the company line that even soccer isn't safe from the looming UFC takeover. That's because while it took nearly a decade for the world's largest fight promotion to head back to Brazil, the promotion has hit it hard, bringing multiple events in the span of a few months as well as the first international edition of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), featuring Belfort and Wanderlei Silva as coaches. Does anyone buy that MMA can be as big as soccer around the world? Anyone?

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