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MMA Quick Quote: Gegard Mousasi willing to fight Anderson Silva at middleweight

Photo of Strikeforce's Gegard_Mousasi
Photo of Strikeforce's Gegard_Mousasi

"What I hear from other fighters, how much they cut weight, it could be done. Only if it's really an important fight I would consider it, but otherwise I wouldn't do it. Let's say if they would give me Anderson Silva, then I would do it, but I don't think that's going to happen so it doesn't make any sense to go down to 185."

-- Gegard Mousasi tells that the only way he would put his body through the rigors of a tough weight cut back down to middleweight -- a weight class he called home for a major part of his early mixed martial arts (MMA) career -- is if he gets a chance to dethrone divisional kingpin and current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva. Mousasi, who has even competed at heavyweight, has had much success in the 185-pound division, earning the DREAM middleweight title by running through each of his opponents at the 2008 Dream Middleweight Grand Prix, which included top talents such as Melvin Manhoef, Denis Kang and Ronaldo Souza. After making the jump up to the 205-pound division, Gegard earned the Strikeforce light heavyweight title with a win over Renato Sobral; however, he would lose it to Muhammed Lawal in his first title defense, snapping his 15-fight win streak in the process. With the major announcement today that Strikeforce isn't going anywhere any time soon, the DREAM middleweight champion may not get his chance to make the jump into the UFC in the near future. In fact, with Dan Henderson vacating the Strikeforce light heavyweight title to join the UFC ranks, the Armenian kickboxer may be a prime candidate to vie for the vacant Strikeforce strap. What do you think, should he ever get the opportunity, does Mousasi stand a chance against Silva? Or would he simply be another casualty caught in "The Spider's" web?

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