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Mark Munoz: I don't think Chael Sonnen is going to talk trash for this fight at UFC on FOX 2 (Video)

For the second fight in a row, middleweight motor mouth Chael Sonnen isn't likely to cause a ruckus with his upcoming opponent, Mark Munoz, who he'll take on at UFC on Fox 2 on Jan. 28, 2012, in Chicago.

That's because the two are friends and managed by the same team. As Munoz describes it, they're very cordial with one another:

"Me and Chael, we actually go way back. We got respect for each other and I don't think he's going to talk trash. Despite what everybody thinks, man, Chael's a good guy. We're managed by the same manager, management team, so we're actually real cordial with one another."

Someone might want to tell Chael his buddy is hurting his cred on the streets. Then again, there are much bigger things at stake here, like a 185-pound championship match-up against reigning division deity Anderson Silva.

Talk is cheap until then anyway.

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