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Alistair Overeem licensed to fight Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 despite drug test fiasco

Have no feer, "Reem" fans.

Alistair Overeem will fight Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Dec. 30, 2011, after all.

Rumors circulated from everything that the Dutchman had failed a drug test to possibilities that his mother's recent illness would cause him to pull out of the fight.

All those questions were answered today.

Overeem was grilled in a long and strenuous questioning process about inconsistencies concerning the timeframe in which he took his steroid test upon being informed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) that he had been chosen for a random screening.

After hearing him out, the commission ruled that the Strikeforce heavyweight champion will be allowed to compete in the main event of UFC 141 ... albeit "conditionally."

And here are those conditions:

  1. Overeem must take a new steroid test at an independent lab within 72 hours
  2. Overeem must take another test once he arrives on United States soil before his fight with Lesnar
  3. Overeem must take further tests for the next six months to a year at his own expense

We've got all the details about the hearing after the jump:

Here's the timeline for the issues that the NSAC had with Overeem:

  • Nov. 17 -- Overeem's assistant is informed that he needed to take a steroid test.
  • Nov. 17 -- Overeem flies from Las Vegas to Holland to be with his mother who had been diagnosed with cancer for the third time.
  • Nov. 20 -- Overeem finally receives word from his assistant about the steroid test.
    • 3-4 days later -- Overeem takes a blood test for steroids at a clinic with his personal physician.
    • 8-10 days later, Overeem gets the results back saying he's clean and he sends the results to the NSAC
    • 3-4 days later, Overeem's assistant is informed he didn't take a urine test which is what they had asked for.
  • Dec. 6 -- Overeem's assistant informs him he needs to take another test.
  • Dec. 7 -- Overeem takes the proper urine test in Germany

The biggest issue the commission had was the fact that Overeem left for Holland the day he was supposedly informed about the drug test he needed to take and then didn't get back to them for over four days.

The saving grace of "The Reem" was the fact that he booked his flight to Holland on Nov. 15, so his decision to leave two days later appears not to have been motivated by the news of his random steroid screening.

According to Overeem, this was an issue primarily due to the condition of his mother, this being his first fight in the UFC and lastly, the fact that he's never had to deal with a random pre-fight drug screening before. All his other drug tests were conducting with simple urine samples pre and post-fight at the venue of events.

Overeem also relayed that there may have been miscommunication with his assistant in terms of how important it was to get the tests taken by the next day after hearing he had been selected. The commission also spoke with Overeem's assistant and said they believed him.

It took some rather lengthy deliberation, but in the end, the commission decided to conditionally grant Overeem his license, but it also discussed punitive measures for the future when fighters fail to comply quickly upon notice of requests for random steroid screenings.

So what do you think, Maniacs?

Do you believe Overeem's explanation for everything? Should the NSAC have granted him his license?

Opinion, please.

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