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UFC 141: Meeting between Alistair Overeem and Nevada commission (NSAC) TODAY at 6 p.m. ET — LIVE updates!

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) will convene later today in Las Vegas (Dec. 12, 2011) to discuss a litany of combat sports related topics.

Chief among them is Alistair Overeem, who is on today's agenda for, well, that remains to be seen. The mixed martial arts community has been abuzz since "Demolition Man" flew back to Holland earlier this month to care for his cancer-stricken mother.

Overeem, of course, is scheduled to headline the UFC 141 pay-per-view (PPV) event opposite Brock Lesnar at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Dec. 30, in a contest that is widely recognized as a number one contender's bout, designed to produce the next challenger for reigning division champion, Junior dos Santos.

While rumors are running rampant, it could be as simple as "The Reem" getting his official license to compete. Or it could be something that directly impacts the promotion's year-end fight card.

That's where we come in. will provide live updates and breaking news from today's meeting between Overeem and the NSAC beginning at 6 p.m. ET, right here, after the jump.

See you then.

Brian Hemminger here. It's 6:03 p.m. and we're just about to get started but it appears Alistair Overeem is fourth on the docket, at least that's what I'm hearing. I'll keep you Maniacs updated with everything that goes on.

-The board discusses out of competition drug testing. They mention that Brock Lesnar passed his test and when Overeem was brought up, they said, "Well deal with that later."

-Doctor gets on the line to talk about testing. He says they're affecting by many different variables. Those variables include the amount of time steroids stay in the system. Injecting steroids stay in the system longest but oral or cream steroids would not take as long. He says if you go longer than 24 hours with someone who's taking oral steroids, you can miss it on the test. If they inject them, 48 hours could be enough.

-The main reason they're discussing the time frame is they want to get fighters to take their drug and steroid test within 48 hours of notification of testing so a fighter can't stop and flush the drugs out of their system.

-From the way they are talking, it sounds like Overeem didn't take his test yet, but they haven't specifically said it. Will confirm when it's brought up.

-I don't think this is illegal, so if you'd like to listen live to the hearing, someone set up a ustream of the audio here.

-They've had some difficulty implementing their out of competition drug testing in foreign jurisdictions, mentioning a fighter who was training out in the jungle in Brazil and he had nowhere to go to get tested.

-UFC official mentions they are committed to testing and working with the commission in any way possible.

-Vladimir Matyushenko gets approved for his license.

-Keith Jardine has to answer some questions about his suspension from pushing an official in Texas. He mentions he had a migraine the day of the fight and an official grabbed him unexpectantly and he pushed him, apologizing later. Jardine gets approved for his license.

-Female boxer Laura Serrano is up next. She hasn't fought in 4 years and is explaining her situation. I wish she'd hurry up because Overeem is next. Talk about burying the lead.

-Laura Serrano gets approved for her license.

-Alistair Overeem is on the line from Holland. It's late there, which makes it even stupider that they waited this long into the conference to talk to him.

-On the 17th of November, they requested a test with Alistair Overeem and the next day, they were informed there was no place for Lesnar to be tested. Lesnar went to a hospital three days later than they would have liked but he tested and was fine. They didn't hear back from Overeem's camp for several days, not until the 21st and they were informed he had flown back to Holland. Overeem, I believe the 23rd eventually did take a test but all he did was a blood test which was not what they asked for.

-They received the blood test on the 30th and all levels were normal, but it wasn't the urine test they requested.

-From the sounds of it, Overeem went to Holland to be with his sick mother at 6 p.m. on the day he was notified of his test he needed to take.

-Overeem took an observed urine test on December 7th, but the results aren't back yet.

-The commission finds it 'somewhat incredulous' that Overeem couldn't find a proper testing facility for five days in an advanced country like Holland

-Overeem has been sworn in and has promised to tell the truth.

-Overeem apologizes for the situation. He says there were three factors involved: 1: His mother's situation and moving his camp to Holland. 2: this was his first UFC fight and 3: The testing procedures in Holland vary compared to the testing procedures in America. He says he took a streroid test immediately upon hearing they wanted it. He got the results 10 days later and was informed by NSAC that he needed another test.

-Overeem says he took his blood test with his own doctor. The commission questions why they weren't done in a lab.

-Overeem says he's never taken steroid test like this before so this is new to him.

-Overeem says he was informed of his mother's condition two days before he left. He did the UFC Countdown show first before flying out. He finished taping and went straight to the airport.

-Overeem says he was informed by his assistant about the test either Saturday or Sunday but didn't find out that he had to take the test immediately until even later. He says he had no knowledge about the NSAC requesting a test before he flew to Holland on the 17th.

-Overeem took his first test in a facility and took a blood sample. He says they asked for the blood sample, he gave them one and he thought he was done. When he got the results, he sent them to his assistant who then sent the results to Keith Kizer. He heard that the test was insufficient from his assistant and that he'd have to redo the test. He says he redid the test the next morning.

-Overeem says he was informed that he had to retake the test one week ago on Tuesday, the 6th of December and then he went in for another test on the 7th of December.

-Overeem, under oath, says he made no efforts to avoid taking the tests and that he did everything his assistants relayed to him. He's doing a lot of deflecting onto his assistants.

-Overeem says he bought the ticket to get back to Holland on the 15th. This could be his saving grace, we'll see.

-Overeem says he's never had to take it upon himself to take a test before. He just provided urine samples before and after fights for the commission at the venue.

-Overeem's assistant is on the line. We'll see if he lies down on a sword for him. He admits that he's got a full-time job on the side of being his assistant and is based in San Francisco.

-Assistant says he called to inform Overeem's manager, he didn't pick up. He sent an e-mail with the message. He says he didn't hear about a timeframe that Overeem needed to take the test upon being informed.

-Assistant says he doesn't work with other athletes and hasn't dealt with commissions before.

-Overeem says he didn't do any testing with the UFC when he went under contract with them for this fight.

-They will go into deliberations now.

-Commission says there was an unfortunate lack of urgency coming from Overeem and his camp in response to the random steroid test request.

-It sounds like they are going to grant Overeem a license conditionally. He'll have to take more tests and then be tested for the next six months.

-The commission is also discussing future punitive measures if you don't respond and take your test in a timely manner.

-If Overeem's test taken on December 7th is negative and if he takes post-fight tests after UFC 141 as well as up to six months later, they will approve him. Failure to provide the samples could be cause for revoking.

-They bring up a motion about Overeem getting licensed but it fails to be seconded. They deliberate more.

-New motion is brought up. Overeem will get a conditional license but must take a new test at an independent facility within 72 hours, must be tested again once he arrives in the United States and must take random tests for the next year at his own expense. It is approved and Overeem has been granted a license.

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