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UFC 140 results: Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva? Don't count on it ... ever

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In the wake of Jon Jones second round standing guillotine submission win over Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 this past Saturday night (Dec. 10, 2011) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, fight fans are wanting to change some plans around.

For starters, let's scrap the stipulation that the Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis bout at UFC on Fox 2 on Jan. 28, 2012, is a number one contenders match. Let them fight it out and the winner can take on Dan Henderson towards the middle of next year.

Let's also have the other two fights on that Fox card represent a four-man tournament. Whoever wins in the contests pitting Chael Sonnen vs. Mark Munoz and Michael Bisping vs. Demian Maia can fight each other towards the middle of next year, maybe even on the same card as Evans/Davis vs. Henderson.

And that frees up Jones and Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva to do what more and more fans want them to -- get inside the cage and slug it out.

It would be a superfight for the ages, right?

Before we get ahead of ourselves and imagine all the insane scenarios a fight like that could bring, let's hear from UFC President Dana White, who was all too eager to rain on this parade at the UFC 140 post-fight press conference:

"I just think Jon Jones is young. He's 24 years old, he's just getting out there and fighting all the best in the light heavyweight division. It's not... I don't see that fight happening anytime soon. What people got to realize, too, is Anderson Silva is 37-years-old. They're in two different weight classes."

I don't know about you but that sounds like a blowoff to me. And not just for the time being while other matters sort themselves out. That was a complete and utter dismissal.

It's difficult to blame him, really. Silva is, in fact, 37-years-old and nearing the end of his illustrious combat sports career. Feeding the old dog, even if he hasn't looked like one (not even a little bit), to a young, hungry lion is just bad for business.

And let's not kid ourselves. Jones vs. Silva would sell big, sure, but it's a mismatch. The Brazilian is crafty, he's quick and his strikes are accurate on a level not seen before.

Kind of sounds like Lyoto Machida.

We all saw what happened to "The Dragon" last night. He found some success early, landing a shot or two that had Jones backing up and regrouping. But once he did, that was all she wrote.

As soon as the Greg Jackson trained New York native decided he wanted to finish the fight, he finished it.

Kind of sounds like Silva, actually.

These two may have been perfect for each other had Silva been born a few years later or Jones a few years earlier. But they weren't. So they're not.

We're all just going to have to deal with that.

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