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MMA Quick Quote: Nate Quarry wants back in the UFC

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"I want to be an on-air personality for the UFC. There I said it ... My qualifications? Well, I've been a fighter for the past 14 years. I've trained with some of the legends of the sport and even cornered them for some of the greatest fights in UFC history. I was there when the UFC went from 5 shows a year to being in every home in America. And, I know my ish. Plus, I've been a public speaker since I was 7 years old, standing up in Church and giving Bible readings. Last year I spoke at a TEDx conference where it was me, a mike and 300 business people for 18 minutes. And now I travel around the country speaking on behalf of my XLIF back surgery that game me my life back. Not to mention I hosted my own tv show on Comcast called American Cage Fighter. It was only broadcast in Nor Cal but was really well received and replayed every day of the week. Do I have your support?"

Former UFC middleweight mauler Nate Quarry states his case on The Underground for the position of "on-air personality," which the promotion may need in light of its recent expansion across three channels on the FOX network. Quarry, famous for his exciting fights and ability to take punishment, might have taken enough beatings to last him a lifetime. Now that he's enjoying retirement and putting more work into his Zombie Cage Fighter line, it looks like he's gunning for another go-round with the world's largest fight promotion. Anyone think he's got the chops to get it done? Or do you want to sample the product first before making your decision?

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