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UFC 143: Carlos Condit is taking a 'big risk' fighting Josh Koscheck on Feb. 4

When the powers that be pulled a power move and took Carlos Condit out of his main event title shot against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 143 in favor of Nick Diaz, they did so while promising him a number one contender bout.

A couple of top shelf welterweights, namely Jake Ellenberger and Josh Koscheck, openly campaigned for that spot. It eventually went to the latter, much to the chagrin of the former.

That said, "The Juggernaut" tells ESPN Condit is taking a big risk with this fight:

"I wouldn't say Koscheck is a sacrificial lamb, he's a top 10 guy for sure. It's got to be frustrating [for Condit], being the number one contender and wanting to fight. After beating some of the guys he's beaten, he's only going to get a top guy. Carlos definitely has a lot to risk by fighting Koscheck, but it's his decision."

Taking a fight at all is a big risk, seeing as a loss would send "The Natural Born Killer" to the back of the welterweight line. Waiting around and being inactive can be just as bad, though.

Just ask Rashad Evans.

Koscheck, for his part, agrees with Ellenberger's assessment and takes it one step further. Condit isn't taking a big risk so much as giving up his chance at the 170-pound strap.

Because "Kos" is going to defeat him, of course. Or so he seems to think. Do you?

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