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Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode eight recap and discussion for 'Bisping vs Miller'

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Episode eight of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 "Don't do this at home, kids," featuring middleweight coaches Michael Bisping and Jason Miller, gets underway and the house has started to break off into cliques. Everything from the gamblers to the bible-bangers.

Akira decides he's had enough of Bryan Caraway and his hair care and shaves off some of his locks while he sleeps. Caraway calls him the "classic bully" who is scared inside. He then barricades his door at night for protection.

Speaking of pranks, Team Bisping is on the prowl and what was dubbed as "the wildest prank in TUF history" is nothing more than a lethal mix of fire extinguishers and mariachis. The blue team is in stitches.


Dennis Bermudez gets teased for being a dummy and Akira draws a caricature of him -- all while telling everyone how smart he is and how deadly he is as a fighter and everyone else is just a "stupid little kid."

It's confirmed. Akira Corassani is Danago.

Marcus Brimage jumps Bisping after practice and smears a sweaty jock strap across his face. Akira laughs and ends up getting a taste of "salty balls" himself when Coach B gives him a face full of manhood. There's also a confetti segment later on that I didn't pay much attention to.

"Great" Muay Thai champion Siyar Bahadurzada visits the gym to help Dennis Bermudez get ready for the striking of Corassani. I really wish the show had more of this and less of the ball sweat.

At the weigh ins, both guys make weight without incident. UFC President Dana White thinks Akira may have bitten off more than he can chew against Dennis.

We shall see.

145 lbs.: Akira Corassani (9-3) vs. Dennis Bermudez (7-2)

Round 1: Gloves touch and Bermudez gets tagged early and stumbles to the ground. He gets back to his feet but is wobbly. Akira tries to swarm but Bermudez weathers the storm and creates some distance, allowing himself to shake off the cobwebs. Dennis rushes in and muscles Corassani to the cage but Akira pushes off and tags him. Dennis with a sloppy, failed shot. Akira clocks him on the temple and Bermudez is on queer street. Bisping screaming for the finish. Akira rushes in while Dennis is loopy and tries to end it. Bermudez refuses to go down and actually lands a few solid shots of his own. Dennis gets spun around like a dreidel after eating a hook and instinctively shoots, grabs one leg and gets a huge takedown. This kid is made of steel. Akira tries to get to all fours and leaves his neck exposed. Dennis responds with a guillotine and "Mayhem" is right there to coach him. Akira not defending, which gives Dennis the chance to reset and sink it in deeper. Phantom tap part deux? Nope, this time he taps long and hard as Berumudez scores a crazy come-from-behind win.

Dennis Bermudez def. Akira Corassani via submission (guillotine choke)

After the fight, Akira doesn't know where he is or what happened. Bisping breaks the bad news to him and Corassani latches on to "The Count" with a bizarre bear hug, not accepting that he's bounced from the tournament and won't let the doctor examine him.

Once they calm him down he returns to form and starts swearing up a storm.

Stay tuned next week for the coaches challenge (air hockey!), some bug eating and a bantamweight semifinal fight between Dustin Pague and T.J. Dillashaw.

See you in seven!

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