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Dana White: Since 2006, the UFC has made millionaires out of 40 fighters (Video)

"From 2001-2006, we were almost $50 million in the hole. Over that time, not one fighter ever got paid late, no check bounced, no employee at Zuffa, ever. The Fertitta brothers funded this thing for that long. In 2006 we started turning a profit. From 2006-2011, I can't remember what the number is, but it's like 40-something millionaires. 40-something millionaires, 20-something multi, multimillionaires and the list goes on and on. That's from 2006-2011. Boxing's been around for 100 years. It was a mainstream sport before there was television. What we've been able to do, in that much time, is pretty phenomenal."

Boxing may have bigger paydays, but in five years, the UFC has been able to make tremendous financial gains. Not just in profit, but also in payouts. That's according to promotion president Dana White (via, who made millionaires out of 40-something fighters since getting Zuffa out of the red. Anyone care to speculate who makes that list? Or the more prestigious list of 20-something multimillionaires?

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