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Rashad Evans: Anderson Silva would beat Jon Jones by 'catching him doing something stupid'

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Yes, Rashad Evans is still talking about Jon Jones.

That's mostly a function of his being asked about the light heavyweight champion, though, and that was the case this past weekend. "Suga" was the featured fighter at the UFC 138 Fight Club Q&A in Birmingham, England, and fans wanted to know who would win if Jones fought Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

Rashad's reply:

"Honestly, I think... I would say Anderson would win. I think he would catch Jon standing up because I think Jon does a lot of crazy stuff but, fundamentally, sometimes he does it just to do it. But I think Anderson has a reason, like Anderson, fundamentally and technically, is better in that respect and I think he would catch (Jones) doing something stupid. If the fight was to go a little bit longer and Jon used his wrestling then I think the fight may go to Jon. But for the most part, early on in the fight, Anderson would catch Jon trying to do something crazy."

Silva's speed, technique and pinpoint accuracy would be enough to defeat Jones' superior size, length and unorthodox striking. That's one way of looking at it.

Another is to say that "Bones" would stifle "The Spider" with a suffocating top game, much like Chael Sonnen did to the middleweight champ back at UFC 117. Of course, Sonnen went on to lose that fight via triangle choke.

This one would be a tough call, no question. Who do you Maniacs think wins?

Evans answered plenty more questions during his near hour long on stage session in front of fans, including more on his feud with Jones and fighters he wishes he could have fought before they retired from MMA.

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