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UFC 138 results: Chris Leben vs Mark Munoz fight video highlights

Chris Leben and Mark Munoz collided in the first-ever, five-round non-title fight in the promotion's history in the UFC 138 main event last night (Nov. 5, 2011) from the LG Arena in Birmingham, England. "Filipino Wrecking Machine," however, as you'll see in the UFC 138 video above, only needed two rounds to notch his most important victory to date inside the Octagon. To read a detailed recap on Munoz's dominant technical knockout win (doctor's stoppage) over the "Crippler" click here.  For our comprehensive Leben-Munoz fight review and analysis, which includes .gifs of the hot action and blood-letting gore, click here. To check out's LIVE UFC 138 results post, which includes up-to-the-minute, blow-by-blow coverage of EVERY fight click here. The live blow-by-blow portion of our coverage from the main event between Chris Leben vs. Mark Munoz is contained in the extended entry below:

Chris Leben vs. Mark Munoz (185-pound limit)

Round one: Leben takes command of the center of the cage and Munoz throws a weak leg kick. Leben throws a left hook and Munoz immediately drops for a takedown and scores a takedown, passing to half guard. Leben throws an elbow off his back and Munoz throws some punches. Leben uses the fence to get back to his feet as both men clinch. Munoz throws some right hands to the body and drops for a single leg takedown attempt but Leben uses a whizzer to escape. Munoz lands a right hand but Leben scores a takedown and drops several right hands on him. Munoz gets to his feet, covers up and Leben swarms him with big bombs. Munoz turns into him and reverses the position as they separate. Leben pushes forward with a combination of hooks and throws a foot stomp in the clinch. Leben catches a knee and takes Munoz down but Munoz pops right back to his feet. Leben latches on a guillotine but Munoz takes him down. Leben might be gassing his arms out and Munoz pops his head free. Munoz drops some big right hands and blasts Leben with a right hand as he tries to get up. Munoz looks for a guillotine and lands huge right hands as Leben gets to his feet but Leben walks right through them and throws a punch of his own. Leben takes top position in a scramble and Leben stuffs a takedown, throwing elbows and hammerfists as the round concludes. 10-9 Munoz

Round two: Munoz closes the distance with a right hook and backs off. Leben presses forward with a combination of winging hooks but Munoz takes inside position in the clinch. Leben fends off an inside trip but Munoz turns the corner and takes him down. Leben has full closed guard and throws some punches and elbow strikes from bottom but Munoz postures up and starts dropping some massively heavy ground and pound. Leben gets to his feet, just absorbing punishment and keeps pressing forward. They clinch and Munoz gets on top again. Big elbow from Munoz and Leben turns away trying to stand up but eats more bombs from Munoz. Leben is bleeding bu the gets to his feet. Leben latches onto Munoz's neck and he takes top position on the ground. Leben is squeezing hard, gritting his teeth but he lets it go. Munoz pops back to his feet and the ref calls time out to have Leben's cut checked out. Masuka from Dexter checks out the cut and they go back to work. Leben throws a body kick and presses forward with a combination, again taking top position. Leben latches onto Munoz's neck but Munoz sweeps him beatifully and gets on top, dropping big body punches and then more to the head. Leben again gets to his feet but Munoz drops down for a takedown. Munoz takes top position along the fence and drops some punches as both men trade strikes until the horn sounds. 10-8 Munoz

Leben can't see out of his left eye and they stop the fight between rounds.

Final result: Mark Munoz defeats Chris Leben via TKO (doctor stoppage) at 5:00 of round two

To check out all the UFC 138: "Leben vs. Munoz" results, news notes and everything you need to get up to speed on the event that was check out our complete archive right here.

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