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Don King wants to promote MMA to compete with the UFC

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Yes, that Don King. The flamboyant boxing promoter who just turned 80-years-old but remains as wily as ever. 

The man who promoted such mega-events like the "Rumble in the Jungle" and the "Thrilla in Manilla," wants to use his savvy and know how from the boxing world to see if he can't compete with UFC President Dana White and the UFC.

From USA Today:

Calling MMA "sophisticated barbarism," he predicts MMA will complement, but never overtake, the "sweet science" of boxing.

"I'm looking forward to doing (MMA) too. And creating a competition between the UFC and whatever I call the MMA company that I put together," says King.

King may not be as prominent today as he was say, 20 years ago, but he's still got enough pep in his step to attempt such a daunting task.

But could he actually succeed in competing with the UFC? Our friends at have an answer:

So will he enter MMA? Sure, he really might. Don's still a big thinker, but just isn't in the boxing game the way he used to be. If he thinks there's an opportunity in MMA, and he can get the right backing, he might give it a go. Will he succeed? No, he won't.

King's big complaint about boxing today is that cable TV executives have far too much power and far too little knowledge of the sport to actually succeed.

This has led to match-ups combat sports fans aren't willing to pay to see.

The power structure in MMA is a lot different and with that, King seems to believe he can become the next Dana White.

Anyone think he can? Who wants to see Don King in MMA?

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