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Shane Carwin: I'm going to hit you so hard Joe Rogan gets a headache

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With all the retirement talk this week in the sport of mixed martial arts, one fighter wants to make sure you don't believe any rumors that may be making the rounds.

That would be UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin, who assured fans recently that he is not retiring anytime soon, regardless of what you may have heard.

Sure, "The Engineer" may be 36-years-old, soon to be 37, and gone into the shop for repairs more than a few times in the past few years. But he's still got plenty to offer the fight game.

Namely two fists that can still knock out any heavyweight in the world.

Posting on the Underground, Carwin had this to say:

"I got a surprise call today saying that a rumor is floating around about me retiring. I guess some people must be wishful thinking. For me the choice to have a surgery was easy. My Doc did not tell me surgery was the 'only' option for a normal life. He said to KEEP FIGHTING surgery is the only thing that will stop my body from locking up. I could probably even continue fighting and risk it happening in a fight or while training. What my team and I decided was that I have no interest in just 'Fighting and crossing' I want to be a champion. The UFC Heavyweight Champion to be specific. So I am going to have this surgery and be back better than ever. I have a lot to accomplish and I intend on punishing everyone they put in front of me. To beat the best you have to be able to train like the best. So surgery will allow me do that. I may be an older fighter but I have less cage time then most if not all of the Athletes in the UFC. I have accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time. I have a lot more to accomplish. I will be back to the guy that is big and hits you so hard Joe Rogan gets a headache. I am going to knock people out and finish fights. The UFC is going to have to get special financing just to cover the KO and FoN bonuses they are going to have to dish out to me."

"The Engineer" is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Junior Dos Santos at UFC 131, which went down on June 11 of this year in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Despite being rocked early in the first round, a bloodied and battered Carwin made it through all 15 minutes of the bout, which the judges scored unanimously in favor of "Cigano." Carwin, in turn, was sent to the bottom of the totem pole while Dos Santos earned himself a title shot against UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez on FOX on Nov. 12, 2011.

Carwin recently revealed that he was set to face "one of the best in the world" in December, presumably at UFC 141, though he didn't specify who is opponent would be. His return, however, was postponed due to an upcoming back surgery.

Given a succesfull outcome to his surgery, Carwin is set to be out until summer 2012.

Once he is finally able, who should be the lucky man to welcome him back to the Octagon?

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