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UFC Quick Quote: Chris Leben would only fight Chael Sonnen if it was for the title

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"If Chael gets the title, I'll fight Chael for the title. I'd beat Chael, I know that. I know how to train for him, I've trained with him for years. But I wouldn't fight him. The only reason I would fight him is if he had the title."

-- Thorn, meet Dana White's side ... again. Chris Leben, who takes on Mark Munoz tomorrow (Sat., Nov. 4, 2011) at UFC 138 in Birmingham, England, is already looking ahead to the future. A victory would give him five wins in his last six fights and, he thinks, make him a legitimate title contender. "The Crippler" would love to get revenge on reigning division deity Anderson Silva but its' entirely possible he will no longer be champion after Chael Sonnen gets through with him. That would mean Leben would have to face the prospect of fighting a training partner. He would do it, of course, but only if the 185-pound strap was at stake. He's got the secret to beating Sonnen, too, thanks to his extensive time on the mats with the Oregon native. Anyone think Sonnen beats Silva before Leben beats Sonnen and we've got a "Crippler" for a middleweight champion in 2012? Anyone?

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