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Joe Rogan talked to the UFC about buying the 'gold mine' that is K-1

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Unfortunately the UFC wasn't interested.

Probably because it has enough heat on it right now from all the talk about a ZUFFA monopoly and the last thing it needs to do is add another cash-strapped fight promotion to its already impressive portfolio.

Mark Cuban, where you at?

"If someone's smart, if someone's got balls, listen to me right now... This is the thing... K-1 kickboxing. K-1 kickboxing is some of the much exciting shit to watch in the world. If you watch the highest level of kickboxers, God damn is that shit exciting. It's so fucking fun to watch ... I can't believe that it doesn't get the press that it deserves because maybe it's not as good as MMA but, God damn, if it ain't a close second. And it's not being promoted! Someone's completely dropped the ball, you know? The people who own K-1, they owe a lot of money, man. They want to start fights but they want to not half to pay all the fighters that they owe money to and they owe just fucking untold millions of dollars to fighters that they haven't paid. So, they're in a bad financial situation but it's because they didn't promote it correctly. If someone in like the UFC came along, if Zuffa came along and picked up K-1, they're not interested in it, I've talked to them about it, but if someone like that did, if Mark Cuban did or someone with balls and a lot of money who loves the sport, God damn that's a gold mine. It's a God damn gold mine. Mark Cuban, go do it! You already got Michael Schiavello working for you."

Fighting and Entertainment Group (FEG), the parent company behind the DREAM mixed martial arts promotion and K-1 kickboxing organization, is "technically bankrupt" according to a recent report, something that flabbergasts Rogan in his latest podcast (via Fight Opinion), which you can listen to after the jump.

Anyone think Zuffa should reconsider its position? Or just let the K-1 brand die a slow death and etch another name on the tombstone?


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