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UFC 138 videos blog with Chris Leben (Episode three)

"I'm getting older now. I'm old for the sport. I've been fighting for 10 years now, so I don't have that much time left. I really have been trying to train smarter. I want to get another title shot. If I win this one I think it should put me in line. We're hoping. I'm training like I'm fighting for the title. I'm not looking down on Mark Munoz. It's not Wanderlei Silva. It's not Anderson Silva. It's Munoz who I am looking at. This is the guy who is standing between me and the title. So, I've got to finish him off. This is it."

Chris Leben, 31, talks candidly about his mixed martial arts (MMA) fight future and the significance of his upcoming fight against Mark Munoz in the UFC 138 main event in Birmingham, England, on Nov. 5, 2011.  "The Crippler" feels that it's now or never, understanding that he could launch himself into the contender mix with a victorious performance inside the LG Arena this weekend. He even talks about a rematch with Anderson Silva and the advantage he would hold over former training partner Chael Sonnen if the pair ever had to throwdown in a championship fight. To check out episodes one and two of Chris Leben's UFC 138 video blog click here and here.

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