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Jake Ellenberger: Nick Diaz likes to run his mouth, play 'patty-cake'

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Fast rising UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger has been on a tear as of late, coming off of his most impressive win to date against former number one division contender, Jake Shields.

"The Juggernaut" did what both UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and UFC and Pride legend Dan Henderson couldn't do in five rounds, which is finish the former Strikeforce middleweight champion. And Ellenberger did it in less than one minute.

After losing his Octagon debut to Carlos Condit, Ellenberger has reeled off five straight wins, inching his way closer to title contention. Now the rising star has another Cesar Gracie-trained fighter in his crosshairs, none other than the bad boy from Stockton himself, Nick Diaz.

Speaking to, Ellenberger says that Diaz has what is coming to him from St. Pierre and that if Diaz plays the "patty-cake" game with him, should they ever meet in the octagon, he will "get his ass whooped."

Check it out:

"He likes to run his mouth, I don't get him. He just likes to talk and he is what he is. He's gonna get his coming against GSP. GSP's motivated, I don't see what Nick's going to bring to the table. Jake Shields was a more difficult fight for GSP. GSP is a lot faster than Diaz. Diaz has no power, so he's not going to knock him out. He should have finished BJ and he couldn't. His slap-box game... I would like to fight Diaz. Ideally I'd love to fight Diaz, his little patty-cake game he plays, man if he played that with me I'd put him down for sure, 100 percent. If you did that where I come from, Omaha Nebraska, you get your ass whooped."

Though not impressed with Diaz' striking game, his "patty-cake" style, as Ellenberger so eloquently puts it, has been good enough for Diaz to register 11 straight victories.

Not lacking confidence, Ellenberger will have to wait his turn if he wants a shot at Diaz because the former Strikeforce champ has a tough task at hand against "Rush" at UFC 143 in Las Vegas. Ellenberger, on the other hand, has been mentioned as a possible candidate to face top contender Carlos Condit in what would be his chance to avenge his only loss in the UFC.

And if the stars align perfectly, and the injury bug bites again, Ellenberger could get his chance at Diaz sooner rather than later. Much stranger things have happened. So, Ellenberger might might want to be careful for which he wishes.

Is the fast rising welterweight biting off more than he can chew in calling out Diaz, or does he have the bite to go along with his bark?

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