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ProElite 2 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Big Guns' on Nov. 5 in Moline, Illinois


ProElite is back and ready to roll with its second mixed martial arts (MMA) event tomorrow night (Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011) LIVE from the iWireless Center in Moline, Illinois.

ProElite 2: "Big Guns" will feature former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia taking on German tough guy Andrea Kraniotakes while another UFC 265-pound title holder, Andrei Arlovski, tries to prove that he's still got some gas left in the tank as he faces "The Ironman" Travis Fulton. will provide LIVE results and blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of ProElite 2 below, beginning with the main card bouts on HDNet at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 137) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after ProElite 2 is all wrapped.

Complete ProElite 2 results after the jump.

(Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


265 lbs.: Tim Sylvia def Andreas Kraniotakes via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Andrei Arlovski def Travis Fulton via KO (head kick) at 4:59 of round three
170 lbs.: Evan Cutts def Reagan Penn via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Ryan Martinez def Mark Ellis via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Jake Heun def Ed Carpenter via TKO (strikes) at 3:17 of round one
265 lbs.: Cody Griffin def Justyn Riley via TKO (strikes) at 0:32 of round three 
265 lbs.: Richard Odoms def Rodney Housley via unanimous decision

Haggerty here!

Andreas Kraniotakes vs. Tim Sylvia

Round one: Sylvia throws a couple big right hands right away. Kraniotakes backs away and gets tied up by Sylvia against the cage. Sylvia working dirty boxing to the midsection. Sylvia working the knees now, still pinning Kraniotakes against the fence. Sylvia backs up, clinches the back of the neck and lands a knee to the head. Back on the fence. Sylvia lands a few strikes. Kraniotakes throws a few wilds punches and lands a couple. Kraniotakes reverses and has Sylvia on the fence but not for long as Sylvia circles off. Sylvia continues to land short punches to the rib cage and inside knees. Referee breaks them up and back to center. Kraniotakes lands a huge spinning back elbow and then a good combination of punches. Sylvia looks fazed by it and clinches up. Sylvia with an elbow out of the clinch. One minute left. Sylvia leaning on Kraniotakes, trying to wear him down. Sylvia lands a good knee to midsection. Kraniotakes going for double leg takedown and eats a knee in the process. Kraniotakes still going for it but runs out of time. Round one over. Should be 10-9 for Sylvia. 

Round two: Kraniotakes comes out on fire, landing a nice leg kick and a good punching combo. Sylvia goes back to the default and grabs hold of him, pushing him towards the cage again. Sylvia working elbows and knees. Kraniotakes having a lot of trouble getting out of the clinch against the must bigger Sylvia. Referee separates. Sylvia clinches almost right away and they're right back where they were. Kraniotakes goes for judo leg sweep but it's entirely ineffective. Ref separates them again. Sylvia lands a good right jab. Kraniotakes clinches this time and pushes Sylvia against the cage, only to get reversed...again. Clinch in the center of the cage and Kraniotakes eats a few elbows to the head. Kraniotakes goes for double leg takedown but is stuffed. Sylvia on top with about 40 seconds to go. Sylvia in full guard. Kraniotakes takes a deep breath, looks at the clock and clearly wants the round to be over. Mercifully (for Kraniotakes and the viewers), the round comes to a close. 10-9 Sylvia.

Round three: Kraniotakes lands good leg kick. Sylvia comes forward and clinches again. Not a fun fight to watch at all, but Sylvia is certainly winning. Sylvia with some good inside knees. Lots of dirty boxing. Kraniotakes looks very winded. Three minutes to go. Referee separates and the two exchange several good punches. Kraniotakes gets the better of the exchange, but is tied up by Sylvia right away. Ref separates once more. Sylvia ties him up instantly. The crowd loudly booing. Get out the riot gear. Another separation. A PRIDE yellow card would be great right about now. Round ends with Sylvia leaning on Kraniotakes against the fence, where most of this fight was spent. They say there's no such thing as an ugly win. They were wrong. 10-9 round for Sylvia and a decision victory. 

Final Results: Tim Sylvia via unanimous decision 



Andrei Arlovski vs. Travis Fulton

Round one: Fighters meet in the middle and Fulton throws inside leg kick. Fulton throws head kick and misses. Arlovski yet to throw. Fulton rushes in and misses with a punch combo. Fulton lands another inside leg kick. Fulton ties Arlovski up and brings him to the fence. Fulton leaning on Arlovski but not very active. This could get split up soon. Three minutes to go in the round. Arlovski with an inside knee. Referee separates them (far too late) and brings htem back to center. Big uppercut by Fulton. Arlovski looks very tentative. Arlovski lands good in-step kick to Fulton's front leg. Jab by Fulton. Arlovski lands a good right hand to the head. Arlovski with good inside leg kick. He looks like he's awake now. Fulton misses with high kick. One minute left. Arlovski throws big right hand that misses narrowly. Fulton throws big right hand and Arlovski ducks under it. Another front kick to the lead leg by Arlovski. I'm calling it a 10-10 round. Neither fighter did much of anything.

Round two: Fulton aggressively comes forward and is met by a front kick to the body. Fulton ties up and pushes the action to the cage. Arlovski uses underhooks to reverse him. Arlovski with a good knee to the body. Arlovski uses his leg to sweep Fulton who falls to his back. Arlovski keeps hold of Fulton's leg and goes for heel hook. He is unsuccessful and Fulton gets back up. Three to go. Arlovski with nice left hook that makes Fulton wince and move backwards. Fulton with a nice inside leg kick. Fulton throws head kick that misses. Arlovski throws good jab. Arlovski starting to stalk now. Arlovski snaps a very loud inside leg kick. Arlovski throws one-two punch combo. Arlovski fires a kick to the lead leg. The Pit Bull is starting to land with an ever-growing level of precision. Fulton is starting to back up more and more. Double jab by Arlovski. Fulton comes forward with a strike and gets countered. Arlovski throws a spinning backfist that doesn't even come close. 10-9 round for Arlovski. 

Round three: Fulton shoots for takedown and gets hit with an inside legkick. Arlovski totally stuffs him and gets on top. Forearm across the head of Fulton. Arlovski in side control and dominant position. Oddly, Arlovski backs away and lets him up. Fulton lands a good kick to the body. Arlovski responds with one of his own. And another. Arlovski throws head kick. Fulton dodges under it and shoots for takedown. He misses with his attempt and Arlovski ends up on top and in side control again. Arlovski landing hammerfists to the ribcage. Arlovski working to get full mount but having trouble getting the leg over. Arlovski landing elbows to the body from top position. Arlovski rears back and throws double hammerfists. Just under a minute to go. Arlovski comes forward and out of nowhere throws a head kick that knocks him out!!! With one second left, Arlovski KO's Fulton with a massive head kick!!! Right on the jawline. If you missed this, you need to find a replay ASAP! Craziness!  

Final Results: Andrei Arlovski via KO at 4:59 of round three




Evan Cutts vs. Reagan Penn

Round one: Cutts throws lazy jab and gets taken down in the blink of an eye. Penn on top but Cutts doesn't stay down long. On his way up, Cutts gets underhooks and pushes Penn against the fence. Cutts throws high knee from the clinch. Penn answers. Penn throws hard right hand to Cutts' ribs. Penn circles off the fence but is pushed right back into the same spot. Cutts lands knee to outside thigh then gets double leg takedown. Cutts is on top now in side control. Penn very active from the bottom and able to get up quickly. Penn now has Cutts against the cage and gets a very nice double leg takedown of his own. Penn inside Cutts' full guard. Penn postures up to throw a punch and Cutts' very quickly escapes to his feet. Penn has big goose-egg on his forehead. Cutts has Penn on the fence again and lands a knee. Penn backs away and lands several huge left hooks going backwards. Cutts looks staggered. Penn Comes forward and gets the takedown. Cutts reverses and is on top looking for a d'arce choke. Penn escapes. Back to standing position. Dirty boxing against the cage. Cutts working for another double leg takedown and he gets it. Penn controlling Cutts' neck. Cutts slips out and lands a few good punches on his way out. 10-9 round for Cutts.

Round two: Cutts comes out jabbing. Cutts comes forward and throws a good combo of hands and feet. Penn answers with another good left hook. Cutts pushes forward and lands another takedown. Cutts has Penn in a bad spot, controlling his head in a leglock, while punching him in the ribs and looking for a submission. Penn is able to roll out and is on his back in full guard. Cutts passes to side control. Cutts is controlling Penn and starting to land some good ground and pound. Penn is not threatening at all from the bottom. Cutts is really starting to land some damaging punches from the top. Two minutes left. Full mount for Cutts. Penn gives up his back. Cutts has the hooks in and is going for the choke. Penn doing everything he can to survive. One minute left. Very bad position. Cutts continues to plant punches on the side of Penn's head. This could get stopped soon. Cutts goes for the choke once again. Very deep. Penn barely makes it out of the round. It won't be, but it should be a 10-8 round for Cutts.

Round three: Penn comes out and looks half unconscious on his feet. Very weird. Hands down as Cutts hits him in the head multiple times. Penn appears to have totally given up. Cutts lands a right hand that sends Penn plummeting to the mat. Cutts on top. Reagan's brother B.J. is now screaming in the corner for Reagan to get back up and work out of this spot. Cutts working for arm triangle. Very close. Penn rolls over. Three minutes to go, lots of time. Penn is not even fighting back anymore. Cutts lands a few hammerfists. Cutts trying to get full mount. Penn somehow gets back up but is met with a hard knee to the body by Cutts. Two minutes to go. The fight is up against the cage. Cutts using knees to wear Penn down. Penn leaning over but hand isn't down so he is able to get kneed in the head twice. Penn looks like a kid on the playground being bullied, waiting for someone to step in and help him. Hard to watch. Cutts takes him down again and is pounding on his head. Cutts goes for another choke with 30 seconds to go. It looks like Penn will escape without being finished. 10-8 for Cutts in my book.

Final Results: Evan Cutts via unanimous decision




Mark Ellis vs. Ryan Martinez

Round one: Ellis comes out working the jab and finding the distance. Ellis throws a punch combo but doesn't land. Martinez looks content to sit and wait. Ellis circling. Martinez holds hands down, daring Ellis to rush in. Crowd getting restless. Both fighters throw punches simultaneously and almost hit hands. Ellis continues to paw at him, then he shoots. Martinez sprawls and stuffs the takedown. Martinez has his back and his hitting him with hammerfists. Ellis able to wiggle out and they're back up. Ellis comes in and gets hit on the chin by Martinez, but not squarely. One minute left. Not a lot of action. Ellis shoots and the attempt is stuffed again. Martinez has a hold of his neck and then lands a right uppercut. Ellis backs away quickly. Looks to be some blood coming from the nose of Ellis. 10-9 round for Martinez. 

Round two: Ellis active but not accomplishing much. Lots of movement. Ellis shoots and is stuffed for the third time. Martinez landed a very illegal knee to Ellis' head. Blatant foul. Looks like the referee is giving Martinez a warning. Should be a point deduction. Very odd. Back to the action. Ellis throws inside thigh kick. Martinez continues to sit in the pocket and counter whatever Ellis does. Crowd antsy again as little to nothing is going on. For over a minute, Ellis has been dancing on the outside with lots of feints. Ellis looks scared to shoot, after being very unsuccessful thus far. Ellis runs in and gets clip by a lead hook. Martinez is picking him off at every turn. A minute left. Martinez comes forward with a punch combo that sends Ellis running backwards. Martinez lands the jab. Ellis looks frustrated and flustered. Round ends with Martinez landing a solid right hook to Ellis' head. 10-9 again for Martinez.  

Round three: Ellis appears to be clearly down, two rounds to one. He needs a finish here. Martinez takes the center again and just sits and waits for Ellis to come in. Ellis shoots, is stuffed again and Martinez grabs hold of his neck. Martinez controlling him in north-south position, but Ellis slips out. Back to standing position. Ellis shoots for the sixth time and is stuffed again. Broken record. He isn't setting up his takedowns and every time, he gives up right away when he doesn't get the takedown. Three minutes to go. Martinez is going to win this one handily unless something drastic happens for Ellis. Martinez is still on top of Ellis who is on one knee, trying to get back up. Martinez leaning on him with all his weight. Just under tow minutes to go and Ellis doesn't show any sign of getting free right now. Referee looks for activity and stands them up. One minute left. Another failed takedown attempt. Martinez laughs as he stuffs him and backs away. Martinez catches a kick and tosses Ellis to the mat. 10-9 for Martinez. Not a good showing at all for Mark Ellis.

Final Results: Ryan Martinez via unanimous decision




Ed Carpenter vs. Jake Heun

Round one: Heun starts with hard outside thigh kick. Carpenter clinches up and pushes him into the fence. Carpenter looks to be working for takedown. Carpenter with a knee to the ribs. Heun responds with some knees of his own. Carpenter continues to use knees in the clinch. Carpenter goes for double leg and gets it. Carpenter working inside the full guard. Heun goes for Carpenter's left arm in an apparent kimura attempt. Heun gives up on kimura but still working to get up. Carpenter on top still but doing nay damage or really working to finish. Heun seems to be doing more damage from the bottom. Carpenter in half guard now, trying to get his leg out so he can get to side control. Heun is able to escape and get back up. Heun lands a left high kick to the head! Carpenter is in trouble and falls to the canvas. Heun pounces on him and pounds him out...promptly! Very nick TKO victory for Heun! 

Final Results: Jake Heun via TKO (strikes) at 3:17 of round one 




Cody Griffin vs. Justyn Riley

Round one: Furious exchange right away. Griffin able to get takedown out of the scrum. Riley reverses and is on Griffin's back, who is turtling up. Riley is hitting him with a barrage of punches to the head and knees to the kidneys. He won't be able to take a ton of these (I can barely watch). Riley controls his left wrist while continuing to nail him with brutal knees to the ribs and quad. Riley goes body-body-head with his ground and pound. Griffin trying to crawl to fence so he can use it to get back to his feet. Riley having none of it and continues to bully him on the ground. Just over a minute to go. Almost the entire round has been spent with Griffin just trying to survive. Finally, Riley pauses long enough for Griffin to slink out but Riley gets him in a muay thai clinch and nails him with several knees and elbows to the head. Griffin looks wobbly. Thirty seconds left. Riley lands a few leg kicks. Griffin backing up. Another hard inside leg kick by Riley. I'd give the round to Riley, 10-8. Not even close.

Round two: Riley comes forward immediately, going right back to the leg kicks. Front kick to mid section by Riley. Hard outside leg kick by Riley. Muay thai clinch and Griffin is able to get underhooks for the takedown. Griffin on top but Riley working hard for a kimura. While trying to defend, Griffin loses his position and gets reversed. Riley on top again with Griffin on his knees. Side control. We're right back to where we left things in the first round. Riley is laying on Griffin, wearing him down, while he continues to punish him with thumping knees and punches to the side and head. North-south now for Riley. Back to side control. Griffin is really doing nothing to escape or get back up. Griffin half-heartedly tries to slip out the back door and Riley promptly throws him down, this time on his back. Riley has full mount and is pounding on him. Less than a minute to go. Very bad for Griffin. Riley goes for the rear-naked choke. Doesn't look like he'll have enough time. More ground and pound from Riley. Round ends with Riley very nearly choking him out. Saved by the horn. 10-9 for Riley.

Round three: Griffin starts out with lazy outside leg kick. Riley backs him up against fence. Griffin swings with a big right, then follows with several punches. Somehow, in the chaos, Griffin tags Riley and sends him to the canvas! Griffin smells blood, jumps on him and finishes him with punches. Wow! Amazing comeback. Griffin was down huge and needed a finish. He got it. Devastating for Riley, who had the fight won.

Final Results: Cody Griffin via TKO (strikes) at 0:32 of round three




Richard Odoms vs. Rodney Housley

Round one: Odoms pawing at Housley with jabs, finding distance. Odoms coming forward aggressively stalking. Odoms hits Housley in the chin with a right hand that pops his head back and then clinches against the fence. Housley looks totally overpowered. Odoms is leaning heavily on Housley and hitting him with occasional hammer fists to the quads. Odoms lands a couple of nice inside knees in the clinch. Housley answers with a decent inside knee. Housley able to circle off and get away from the cage. Odoms continues to stalk and throw bombs. The action is against the fence again. Odoms continues to hit Housley with hammerfists on the thighs. Very unorthodox but effective. Just over a minute to go in the round. Back to the center of the cage. Odoms lands a stiff jab and follows with a right cross that glances off Housley's arm. Odoms with a hard kick to Housley's ribcage. Housley rushes in for a takedown attempt. Odoms sprawls but is eventually taken down. The round ends with Housley on top in side control. Should be a 10-9 round for Odoms but a nice way to finish for Housley. 

Round two: Housley comes out with some swelling under his right eye. doms begins round with an inside thigh kick. Housley shoots in for takedown but Odoms stops him dead. Odoms throws him down and jumps on top of him with his forearm across his throat. Odoms working from inside the full guard of Housley. Odoms lands a nice hammerfist strike from top position. Housley is off his back but Odoms is on his back, leaning with all his weight. Somehow Housley gets back up and their up against fence, dirty boxing. Housley working the inside knees. Odoms lands a very unusual kick to the back of Housley's calf with his heel, muay thai style. Back to the middle. Incidental thumb to the eye of Housley. Brief pause. Back to the action. Odoms feints with outside leg kick, follows with inside leg kick and an overhand right. Housley shoots again and Odoms dodges, then takes his back. Housley using wrist control to try and stop Odoms from completely taking his back. Odoms now in side control using knees and elbows to soften up his opponent. North-south position now for Odoms. Housely taking some punishment. Another 10-9 round for Odoms. 

Round three: Odoms working the jab. Odoms misses with a kick then ties Housley up against the cage. Housely reverses and is looking a leg to grab hold of. Both fighters trading knees in the clinch. Odoms circles off the cage and reverses. Odoms lands a brutal knee to the mid section. Odoms drops down looking for a kimura but Housely gets away. Housely "turtles up" as Odoms begins to rain down powerful hammerfists. Just under three minutes left. A ton of time. Odoms continues to pound on Housely's head (insert cheesy analogy). Two minutes left and Odoms still very much in control. Housely looks helpless, holding on to one of Odoms' legs. Odoms in north-south, landing knees to the shoulders and side of Housely. Odoms lets him up. One minute left. Odoms fakes a spinning back kick. They clinch in the middle. Odoms with a nice double leg takedown and is on top in full guard. Both fighters gassed and it will probably end this way. Ten seconds to go. It's over. 10-9 for Odoms again. 

Final Results: Richard Odoms via unanimous decision


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