Cesar Gracie: Joe Silva told us to get fights done, you gotta call 'em out


Many mixed martial arts fans and pundits had mixed reactions to Cesar Gracie screaming at Nick Diaz after his UFC 137 main event win over B.J. Penn, who told his fighter to "call that mother- f***er out!"

Well, apparently Cesar had to speak that way, or Nick wouldn't have understood him. He meant no disrespect to reigning welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, it's just that Diaz only speaks a special language, "209ese."

Speaking to Mauro Ranallo on "The MMA Show," Cesar elaborated:

"Well what's going on is unfortunately for me, I had a mic on and I didn't realize that or else I wouldn't have said that. Why did I say it? That's the language these guys speak. Before the fight, after the weigh ins, we were told by Joe Silva 'if you guys want it, you guys call people out. That's how the fights get done, you call em out," and I wanted to make sure that Nick knew that. I speak several languages. I'm speaking to you in English, so if I spoke Japanese or Portuguese or something, you wouldn't understand what I'm saying. When I speak to Nick, I have to speak in '209ese' and that's the language he understands. If I said 'Hey Nick, would you like to explain your position and articulate how you would like to fight Mr. St. Pierre,' he wouldn't know what the hell I was talking about. That was directed at him (GSP), I didn't think he was going to hear it obviously. This has nothing to do with GSP, I actually like the guy."

Makes sense to me.

"Newfanese" is a dialect only a few can understand, so I can appreciate the 209 having their own way with words. IE: "Hows ya getting on! Not bad by what ya at da weekend now den? Few beers down to the store ya know. Dont be contrary dere now and come get on er. Taker easy by!"

What are your thoughts on Joe Silva apparently telling them to call people out? I wonder if the UFC matchmaker had the same chat with Chael Sonnen at UFC 136 just a few weeks ago.

The plot thickens...

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