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Miguel Torres: I pose the biggest threat to Dominick Cruz at 135-pounds

Miguel Torres, pictured left, thinks he's the man to dethrone Dominick Cruz (not pictured).
Miguel Torres, pictured left, thinks he's the man to dethrone Dominick Cruz (not pictured).

Dominick Cruz, the current UFC bantamweight champion and one of the pound-for-pound best fighters on Earth, has never lost a fight at 135-pounds.

"The Dominator," a fitting nickname for a fighter sporting a 19-1 career record and barely a scratch on him, has run through the absolute best of the best since dropping down from the featherweight division.

In fact, if you look at the rankings list, Cruz has defeated fighters ranked two through six at 135-pounds, including Joseph Benavidez (twice), Brian Bowles, Urijah Faber, Demetrious Johnson and Scott Jorgensen.

It's actually to the point that he's rematching these guys because there just aren't any other challengers. Or are there?

The man ranked number seven in the division, Miguel Torres, seems to think he, of all people, who present the biggest threat to Cruz's seemingly untouchable title. Here's what he told

"I think I pose the biggest threat to him as far as anybody at 135. ... I don't know who he's fought with good leg kicks, that kick to the leg a lot, but I know a lot of the guys that I train with, that move like him, you hit them in the leg a couple of times, they don't move as much in the later rounds. And when he gets that takedown, I don't think he's fought anybody that's as dangerous off their back as I am. I think I pose a lot of threats for him on the ground. ... I pose problems for him that he hasn't seen yet."

If there's anyone who would know about dominating the bantamweight division, it's Miguel Torres.

The East Chicago, Indiana native ruled the roost at 135-pounds for years, compiling an unbelievable 36-1 record, including three title defenses, before finally falling at the fists of Brian Bowles in 2009.

That, coincidentally, was around the same time Cruz had made his come up in the division. In fact, Bowles first title defense was against "The Dominator," who handled him with ease.

As stated, Cruz has been nothing short of unstoppable since then while Torres has had his ups and downs. He may be 3-3 in his last six fights but he believes he's got the tools and the right game plan to bring an end to Cruz's reign.

Anyone care to agree with him?

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