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UFC Quick Quote: Gray Maynard wants another fight against Frankie Edgar

Photo via Zuffa LLC/Getty Images
Photo via Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

"Hopefully he holds on to the belt, because there’s got to be a part four, I think, to make it a true trilogy. Now he has one and I do two, so that’s a draw. So, we gotta do it again. Hopefully, he holds on the belt and I can work back up there."

MMA math? Former UFC lightweight number one contender Gray Maynard tells he wants to face reigning division champion Frankie Edgar for a fourth time because in three fights, they are both 1-1-1. "The Bully" was stopped by "The Answer" at UFC 136 back on Oct. 8 and will now have to work his way back into contention while Edgar defends his title against Ben Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan. So who do you, as a fight fan, want to see Maynard challenge next? And would you be opposed to another fight against Edgar? What say you?

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